Researching all Al-Zarrar variants ever made

Steel turret (sharp) + ERA
Steel turret (smooth) + ERA .


Composite turret (sharp) .

2 test vehicles at least


Composite turret (blocky) .
Composite turret (blocky) + ERA .


Composite turret (AK type) .



both are the same variant

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im pretty sure these are mis-identified as Al zarrar.
these are al khalid no?


That is al Khalid. Type 59 has 5 road wheels but Al khalid has 6

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i need help identifying and categorising this specific variant…

(its uncategorised in the original list)

I saw somewhere that Al Zarrar variants have P1,P2 etc suffixes.
This one is the final stage of the old Turret Al Zarrar.

i think you mean this:

but this talks about al khalid though…

No. It was a really old website.

ah maybe the p1, p2 … designations were given to both al khalid and al zarrar prototypes

btw are these Pakistans domestic ERA panels? These look slightly thinner than usual FY-2 panels.

i have no clue abt these tbh

heres the turret base of the unknown variant…
Screenshot 2024-05-26 205642
heres the base of the AK type turret
Screenshot 2024-05-26 205402
heres the base of the blocky composite turret with era
Screenshot 2024-05-26 205410
heres the base of the blocky composite turret
Screenshot 2024-05-26 205419
heres the base of the smooth steel turret
Screenshot 2024-05-26 205432

as you can see, pictures 3 and 4 clearly show a similar turret, due to the triangular cutaway and the angled lower base perimeter…
picture 2 is ak and 5 is the one off prototype…
picture 1 though… it doesnt fit into any one of these types


I think I have figured out the order of these upgrades. Picture 5→Picture 1→Picture 3→ Picture 4→ Picture 2

If you follow this order then you can see that the turret slowly reached its final shape.

Al Zarrar with extra cage armor(Bottom picture)

seems like slat armour for the hull rear sides and a cope cage looking Anti Solar ray tarp lol

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it is quite possible… next thing i know i find out another variant lmao,
theres 5 in the TT already,
AZ I, II, II and the two sharp turreted ones as squadron vehicles