RESEARCHABLE heavy tank for Italy please

So Italy didn’t have a single heavy tank for a long time. They needed one to complete heavy tank challenges with and for Italy to have a tank with actually reliable armour.

Luckily, the Hungarian Tigris was added recently, there’s one problem though…

It’s a premium!

That means for most players, Italy still doesn’t have a heavy tank that they can use for their challenges, or a tank they can use in their lineup that has good armour.

There aren’t any Italian heavy tanks that can be added. The P.26/40 is a medium tank, and the P.43 was a paper tank that didn’t get to the prototype stage so it didn’t advance far enough to be added.

There is however one more Hungarian heavy tank that can be added. It is actually entirely Hungarian, very unique, and did have 2 nearly complete prototypes (they were destroyed by bombing), so it qualifies to be added to War Thunder. This is the second and last chance for Italy to get a researchable, free-to-obtain heavy tank.

This heavy tank is the Hungarian 44M Tas:

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The best WW2 tank ever made by a minor nation: Hungary's 44M Tas - Ground - War  Thunder — official forum
The best WW2 tank ever made by a minor nation: Hungary's 44M Tas - Ground - War  Thunder — official forum
The best WW2 tank ever made by a minor nation: Hungary's 44M Tas - Ground - War  Thunder — official forum
The best WW2 tank ever made by a minor nation: Hungary's 44M Tas - Ground - War  Thunder — official forum

If you want Italy to get a researchable heavy tank, then support my suggestion for the 44M Tas, the only available option for this now. Together, we can get Italy their first researchable heavy tank!

Should Italy get a researchable heavy tank?
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Little cheesy to vote in your own poll ;). I think it would be awesome to see the hungarian 44M TAS, i dont want to see WoT-lvl fictional tanks in war thunder however. Its a big yes from me :)


Irony being that the positively pedestrian Tiger, which both Hungarian and Italian crews actually operated, is the premium instead of the exotic prototype 44M.
Same face palm vibes as their choice to try to plug the Pz.38t N.a. in as a tech tree scout tank instead of the more rational choice of the Pz II Ausf. D.

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Yeah, the Tigris really should have been researchable. But I don’t see a problem with the 44M Tas being researchable too, I don’t think it should be a premium just because it was a prototype, there are plenty of prototypes that are researchable.

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I belive they will add the IS-2 used by Hungary after ww2 until the Hungarian Uprising of 1956 as Heavy researchable tank.


Oh yes, that is the only other option I think, but I really hope they add the 44M Tas instead for two reasons:

  1. The 44M Tas is way more unique and interesting of an addition than yet another copy-paste IS-2 (already in several tech trees).
  2. Most Italy mains (including myself) would rather have as few Soviet vehicles in the Italian tree as possible. German copy and paste is better, but indigenous stuff should still be the priority.

I still think the IS-2 should replace the 2S1. It is better to have, as the Italian tree has many vehicles that are like the 2S1, but nothing like the IS-2.


I’m not expert of hungarian stuf, but as italian main I do like the addition made. I have all the event/battle pass tank so I do not miss them but I can understand that for new players/user of italian tree with interest in hungarian tank this can be disappointing.
I think we have to be pragmatic since it’s more likely they will add a t34-85 than a panter in the tree, while german tank used by hungary will be GE stuff, like tigris. this is the most likely scenario also if it’s the most disappointing one, but after 5 years in this game I do not expect too much. Concerning Tas I have briefly take a look to some topic but still not clear it if was a complete prototype or not, what I have understood is that one was make, but with not hardsteel armor, but really cannot judge, in any case my expectation on the addition of that tank is very low, I have too say that it seems a quite good tank on paper. these are just personal feeling since I have no background on hungarian tank.


Yeah the tree really misses at least a Toldi and the Nimród.

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And the Straussler V-4(s). The V-4s would’ve been easy, unique, and solid additions that would be better than the Csaba or Toldi I.

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Yeah I agree with most of that, but I think Hungary being added to Italy was the most feasible and simple option.

It was built.

it is more realistic, than the E-100, Ostwind II, Tiger II 105, Panther II, Ho-Ri (both).

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Yeah. I dont think I called it a paper tank or fake at all. Did you read this?: “Its a big yes from me :)”

Yes. And the second part of the sentence suggested, that you think it is a fictional tank.
Sorry if i misinterpreted it.

I realize I could have worted it better no need to apologize.

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Okay, thanks for the clarification!

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Well, it wasn’t fully built, so I would not say that is more realistic than the E-100, if we ignore the fact that the Devs slapped a Maus turret on it.

Not really. there was never a completed prototype, let alone in running condition. the primary 80mm armament was a long way off and even the 75mm from the Turan was also only a prototype, but at least a couple had been built. the proposed engine was also a long way off and the substitute, 2 engines from the turan, was suboptimal and would result in a very underpowered vehicle.

It really depends how much gaijin is willing to go with artistic license. sometimes they go for paper vehicles, other times they are complete sticklers or even just reject offical documentation.

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The hull was assembled. The 80mm was under development thus the 75mm was repurposed. However, the optic was ready, only the turret was never placed on the hull due to the bombing.
I don’t know where you get the information on the engine status and would-have performance, but the primary source document does not point to this.


When the design was comissioned Manfred Weiss was also expected to develop a 700hp engine for the design, a basically impossible task given the timeframe. they made do with 2 260hp engines, the same as used in the turan series, which would only have provided 14hp/ton. and thet’s assuming the design stuck to 37 tons.

thats 1 hp less per ton than on the Panther( or less than 1 hp/ton difference)

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