Research Vehicles To Fave List?

Hey guys,

Is there a way to add the tank or plane i’m researching to my Favourite Achievements list so I don’t have to keep going to the research tree to see how many points I still need? Am I missing something?
I already have decals and camos and medals in it, but, no vehicles?

If it’s not possible, that would be a really good idea to add in a future update.

AFAIK its not an option. generally you can only research one vehicle in a TT at a time. so ig it doesnt really need a place in the list as its a pretty integral part of the grind anyway
altho a “currently researching: <vehicle_name>” label would be helpful somewhere in the lobby

When I’m playing match after match to grind the next plane/tank, it would be nice to see how I am getting along with it. We can only research 1 of each at a time so i can’t see the problem the coders would have to integtate it. If they can figure out correct code to make a game able to be played in the 1st place, the addition should be easy for them.

progress can technically be tracked both from battle results menu as well as arithmetic from the TT tab.

as for implementation. ig you will have to ask.
im sure they can.
just that there isnt much demand for it. plus they have bigger issues to spend capital on

I might have to put it in the Suggestions bit and see how popular it would be. I’m no one special, just the average human, so if I like the idea, logic dictates that lots of others will too.

they might, push it forward.
you have my support if it gets approved