Research Points

What is the point in Research points? I have over 31,000,000 research points which I cannot use. What is the point? I am Top tier USA and UK and rank 7 Germany and rank 5 Russia. Been playing for 4 years. Research Points

“Research Points” are not what you’re referring to. “Research Points” are RP which is the blue “experience/xp” you get after games that unlocks new vehicles and modifications. What you’re referring to is “convertible research” which is given to you everytime you earn regular RP, but can only be turned into regular RP through the use of Golden Eagles.

Thanks. You are correct my mistake! The point remains. What is the point in having over 31 million convertible research points if they cannot be used, unless off course one throws money at Golden Eagles!

your refering to research that you can use to boost normal research by using golden eagles

It’s just a way for gaijin to make money by allowing wallet warriors/whales to skip having to actually play the game much to unlock new things honestly.

I get you. Don’t really see the point though as it provides no incentive for me who does not spend currency on games. What would be an incentive is if for say every 500,000 convertible research point earned these could be exchanged for silver lions, perhaps to satisfy gaijin bank balance a payment would need to be made to say purchase a license to convert the convertible research points into Silver Lions. Maybe?

I agree, even if it wasn’t a lot it would still be nice to be able to use it for something because I will never pay to use it.

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Anyway, thanks for the chat and enjoy the game. Cheers.