Research across tech trees in one nation

[Would you like to see Research across tech trees in one nation in-game?]
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Here I would like to suggest some changes in research. Namely the research of vehicles that are in a different tech tree. (air, ground, sea)
However, this should not be across nations but should only be possible within one nation.

For example: I researched all the aircraft for Japan. So now if I continue flying with Japan, I can research tanks or ships for Japan.
But with less efficiency than if I were to drive Ground RB or Naval RB.

This would be possible to the extent that if you have completed a tech tree and you cannot research any further vehicles, the research points would flow into another tech tree rather than simply disappearing. We already have it in a simpler form with tanks and helicopters where you can choose whether you are currently researching tanks or helicopters. Or even with squadron vehicles where all vehicles can be researched through AIR RB, for example.

So that you can’t always research everything with every vehicle, the research tree must be finished (i.e. there are no vehicles to research left and if a new vehilce gets added through a patch you need to research it first in order to reseach a vehicle from another tree again). And it doesn’t have to be that all the points that are achieved through a battle are placed on a vehicle in a different tree. There would be the possibility for Gajijn to say if a vehicle is researched in another tree, only 25% or even only 10% of the research points are transferred to the vehicle to be researched.
Of course, it also depends on the rank which vehicle is researched with which rank. This classic I have maximum research efficiency at ranks I, II and III with a rank II vehicle.

An example for a battle result could look like this:

Defeat in Operation [Operation] Southeastern City!

Received: 19815 SL, 7537 KFP
Activity: 73%
Damaged vehicles: F-111A
Automatic repair of all vehicles: -3416 SL
All aircraft for this nation have been researched:
Deduction for research across research trees: -75%

Unit researched:
M3A3 Bradley: 1884 FP <— (only 25%Instead of the 100%=7537FP)

Research progress:
F-111A - AIM-9B: 7537 FP

Total: 16399 SL, 7537 KFP, 9421 FP

-1 yeah no

Solid Disagree.

Grinding through the TT forces you to learn that nations playstyle. Grinding tanks while only flying planes and then hopping into top tier tanks without ever having played them would be a net negative to the team.

Not quite, I feel like it would be better like this.
You enter a tank match. You take out CAS.
RP you gain from aircraft researched ground tree because it is GRB. You still need to use tanks, and you can’t get to 11.7 ground by playing air, but it would help.

Not a fan of this but something similar
A very small amount (like 1% each or 10% total) of RP for the battle is put towards researching the same tree (ground, air, naval, etc). That way you don’t have to completely restart each new tree from reserve tier. Especially good for players who prefer higher BR- they won’t have to spend months grinding through the the lower ranks for the vehicles they want.

Though that will probably never be implemented as the current system of forcing players to buy top tier premiums to research quickly is Gaijin’s main income source.

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After some time and a lot of thoughts I changed my mindset a bit. What about saving RP. Like you have the whole tree researched and still make RP that are layed to the side and when a new vehicle comes in those points will be automatically spent. That could save some time in grind.

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First things first thanks for the reply ;)
Well i need to agree with your opinion never playing tanks and hopping in top tier is a bad idea. It would be the same as those who get a top tier premium at lvl 10 with the only difference that they may have more than 1 vehicle in the deck but still they wouldn’t be an actual help. But still you need to think about it.

How long would it take for a person to grind through for example the whole China Air tree and then the china ground tree to get top tier at tanks with only 25%RP and the rank blocking? When you have an average RP income of 2000RP per match you get 500RP per match research for tanks. To get top tier at china tanks you need to get c.a 4.294.800RP and for aircraft c.a 4.816.800RP (the whole tech tree) with an average RP gain of 2000RP per match you need 2408,4 battles to get all aircraft and 8589,6 battles to research the tanks with aircraft. With a average battle time of 12 minutes you need 131.976 minutes of gameplay means 91,65 days of pure gameplay to achieve top tier tanks at china when starting at 0 . Most people dont even get close to 30 days of gameplay and they have top tier. That was my thought behind this. I hope you understand my POV

That’s smart
Maybe an option to do that or use the RP towards other trees
Cause it’s kinda dumb that once you get everything in a tree (which to be fair takes a while) all of your RP for that tree just vanishes after each battle