Request for adding Type 69 IIA to Sim Ground 8_2 line-up

Red side still lacking powerful MBT to compete with NATO side.
Remember on NATO side players could use Vickers MBT mk.3 and mk.1 and even VBC(PT2), which have stablizer, LFR and powerful gun/the only thermal image.

For balance puprpose the red side should able to use Type 69IIA which is also stabilized and no darts available so no balance braking.

Also Type 69IIA is a premium tank and it will be on par with TO-55 which is the only premium and powerful tank from red side in Sim Ground 8_2

Do you agree to add Type 69IIA to Sim ground 8_2?
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  • No
  • Not sure
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The Cold War Sim brackets below top tier are so Blufor sided it’s ridiculous.

Not really
Squad of 2 ZTZ59A is enough, to kill everything

Or its in 8_2_2, i dont remember

ztz59a is too sluggish comparing to NATO tank, and it is premium as well, it means you will not have it in most match.

Lol no, T-80B claps everything and also soviets get T-90A.

Idk, it feels comfortable
Laser rangefinder and 412D plays good

And on amount of them - depends, sometimes more than 3

learn turret rotation rate, gun depression rate, reload rate and reverse speed plz

Still plays very good
Only thing - shoot first, but you have everything for that

but 8-2 win rate is spammed on NATO side

Idk, as i remember my winrate on 59a not too bad
But teams, yes, very bad