Reporting players

Is reporting players only possible on server replays or can you actually do it in match by the players TAB

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You can report them in-game for minor things like communication, and passive behavior (AFK) but little more. They really need to overhaul the system to include options like suspected botting that would automatically send that match replay along with hte report. A lot more people would actually get reported I think.


Adding to this, the replay and reporting functionality on console is incredibly clunky and time consuming. You can only report 5 times every 6 hours with the in-game function. Anecdotally, I’d say at least a third of the current player base is on console.

Given what we’re currently seeing in ARB, I find it incredibly disconcerting that there were only 174 (!) accounts banned in the last month, and the onus for reporting and policing the game continues to fall on the players.

It would be fantastic if Gaijin would, at a minimum, publicly acknowledge the problem and assure the player base that they are proactively working to find a solution and path forward — that doesn’t exclusively rely on the players loading replays.


I play PC and have no idea how to report people outside of the game using the Replay. Based upon experiences in NRB, at least 10+ people most games need reporting usually. So a limit does not aid in that task. Yeah, if it must fall upon the shoulders of the community to police it, then at minimum every effort must be made to make the process as easy and accessible for all


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Feel free to Check this Topic, everything is explainted there!

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Thank you… But…

This is little help if you are running on console as this would require loading up a PC seperately, and even for PC players, this is not done in game, it appears to be done externally in browser, also not ideal.

This also does not seem to be that quick or easy. (if it needs a long forum post with pictures to explain, few will actually ever use it, especially if they dont ever go onto the forums) and if you want to report multiple people (not uncommon in NRB at the moment) , then you could spend quite a while reporting everyone. And if there is a limit of 5 people per 6 hours as someone else has mentioned then that is little help either, if 10+ people per match appears to be exhibiting behaviour that could indicate botting (again not uncommon in NRB)

I think we need the server replay method of reporting to be intergrated into the system we have already in game, making it much easier for console users and a lot quicker for everyone. It already exists for things like rude behavior, just need that system extended and improved. If I saw someone, who was 100% cheating with massive hacks and there was no doubt about it, I dont think I’d be bothered to go through this lengthy process to report it.

Improvements need to be made if Gaijin wants user to be primarily responsible for policing things like botters.


The system outlined here is completely inadequate and cumbersome for the scale and frequency of the issue at hand—as evidenced by the paltry number of banned accounts in June.

As a console player I would be spending more time watching replays and reporting people than I would be playing the game.

Please, please, PLEASE help us help you!


Why can’t it be done ingame, on match? If people average behave like me (reporting while in game) they are not going to wait and make a report after a game as they want to queue for the next one immediately.


I guess console players also have phone or pad with browser inside if they can access this forum.

The only issue I see is that one need to carefully clicking the ( ! ) icon since it’s a little small.

toxic players:
These players do not allow the rest of the players to play because they have badges different from their ideology.

Are you sure it was intentional?

Because that easily could’ve been an accident.

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There actually is a “category” for such things that can be done in game, with all the usual reporting categories. Relatively new, added with the Hate Speech option I believe. Server Replays allow the complaining player more options as they can list times for “offenses” that way. And Server Replay complaints do not count against your daily “limit” of reports either, so that is a plus too. Hopefully a player does not need to make that many reports in a day, but sometimes it can happen.

Yeah, that was added since I made that comment.

Depends on the gamemode. Done naval matches where 80% of both teams were clearly botting, So that could be 16+ reports right there, in a single match. Matches like that arent exactly rare. Its gotten a bit better these days, or at least the last time I play NRB.

Yeah, all good . . . I didn’t check the date . . lol. Some modes have more, I don’t notice too much the stuff I normally play, but RB naval is definitely . . … “different” sometimes . . I just shoot the red guys. They have made the game pretty easy for players to kill stuff all around, this in turns means many players die a lot . . . I am one of them, so I know. lol

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this “person”

Report all you want, but youre only wasting your time.

Thats alot more work than I am willing to offer but my advice to you is get proper cheat detection system instead of asking players to do your policing

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I have reported known bots for Naval, yet they still just rack up game after game. Nothing happens to them, but you say one bad thing. Bye bye chat.