Replay parser for Warthunder replay files


Is there are a replay parser for Warthunder’s replay file?

I’m trying to develop a model to detect hackers, but I haven’t been able to find any parser for replay files.
Closest I was able to find was this, but it appears to be limited in it’s functionality.

Better off if you have the skills to seek employment maybe…

I always support fellow players with the passion to make things better - so i wish you all the best for your project!

Just 2 thougths:

  1. Why investing personal time in a task that should be done by the game provider?
  2. Why investing time and money in a product if you think it meets not your personal requirements regarding quality of game play?

They actually didn’t say that…

  1. Because they aren’t doing it
  2. Because I love modding

I thought about getting touch with them, but I thought that’s not where I’m going to start

Just bare in mind both that, and the wt-tools are old, and possibly well out of date/problematic.

I am keen to see what you do though too, this could serve a very good purpose, very easily.

Thanks for the tip!

Let’s hope that it will turn out well.

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