Replace Swedish T-80U and Mi-28A

Sweden used to have a shortage of vehicles. So gaijin gave them T80U and MI28. But Sweden has never purchased these equipment. Now that Sweden has Finnish subtrees, it’s time to consider replacing them. Finland can offer a wide range of choices



Finland doesnt even have any kind of attack helicopter that can be replaceable with Mi28 and thier MBT’s are Leopard2A4 and 2A6 which both of them are already in regular tech tree.

İts clear as a day that none of those Finnish vehicles can take T80U and Mi28 places in Swedish tree.


Finland has Tiger helicopter and modern upgraded version of the T72. They are all good choices,There are also some XA185 wheeled vehicle families


Finland doesnt use Eurocopter Tiger, if they ordered however it will still be not enough to replace it since we have no information on what model it is and what kind of armament will it use.

Also why would anyone should trade their T80U with some kinda upgraded T72?


It is common for gaijin to remove content from the tree, and people who already own these vehicles can keep it. They do this every time. Sweden has never purchased T80U and MI28, but gaijin still adds these equipment to Sweden, and other countries in the game have not received this treatment. So replacing them is a reasonable requirement, and alternative options can be chosen from Finland, Norway, and Denmark


You cant just remove those vehicles and replace with some random ones, in Mi-28 cases you cant even replace with anything cause Findland doesnt have anything remotely close, same goes for Norway and Denmark.

Gaijin knows best when and if theres a time for that, they dont need some random player with below average stats to tell them this. Flagged because sour.

Well, idk if the NFH NH-90 and MH-60R from Norway will cover the range perticularly well, all comes down to how they treat the armament for them as idk if Norway purchased anything other than the anti-submaring armaments, even if they can carry AGMs.

Denmark has the SH-60 (based on MH-60R) and Fennec, but outside of the SH-60 idk if that would fill the hole that much

yes, carrying the H60 with AGM114 can solve these problems

Doesn’t really replace the T 80 U, two very different BR’s.

another option is to use DM33 or DM43’s Leopard 2A5

Finland,Denmark or Norway doesnt even have Leopard2A5 and no Strv122 is not Leopard2A5 and will not loose is main ammo just because you want it, your talking without any knowledge.

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Someone doesn’t like russian made equipment :)

T-80U and Mil 28 are now a unique feature and bring another type of unique playstyle to the TT, plus they are very good vehicle.
Who gonna need a literally dowgrade when most T-80U from swedish players has a very aggresive playstyle and those 2 vehicle finish a lineup already very good for them.
Also, russian bias with swdish bias is an addiction, why give it up.

so ,just replace 5 with 6

Denmark very much have a Leopard 2A5

Ammo and armament is frequently a way for Gaijin to adjust BRs, i dont see why one wouldnt do the same here.

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no, I just think “visited” should not be used as a reason to add vehicles. Otherwise, other factions should receive the same treatment

Sure let fix that part.

Other nations have similiar tanks that has firepower,armor and mobility so i dont see why Strv should only loose its main ammo in that case.

take a look at the previous topic. discuss potential candidates for vehicles in the 11.3 squadron

If you want to fill the hole of a missing T-80U that might occasionally be what you have to do.