Replace Swedish T-80U and Mi-28A

Or just dont throw some random ideas like how gaijin should remove T80U and Mi-28.

The only tank that can take T80U’s place will be Denmark Leopard2A5 probably but even with DM33 that thing will be quite strong at 11.3 considering it will be untouchable even at slight downtiers.

I dont think throwing around ideas in regards to how Gaijin should remove the AHS, MI-28 and T-80U are that random. In general i think vehicles should have a firmer reason for addition than the basis for those vehicles and bringing Sweden and Japan in line with those ideals is a good idea.

İf you can find proper vehicles to fill those gaps then why not, it can be a good change.

The thing is none of those vehicle could be properly replaceable considering all of them doesnt even have proper counterpart.

Also lets not forget people spent hours and real money to get those vehicles so removing them compeletly cannot be option in this case.

Just because Gaijin does it doesn’t mean it’s good practice.

Yeah? that is what the OP is about. So whats the issue?


the removal of vehicles who have a lackluster basis and replacing them with something else

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Which brings us to pretty much dead end considering there are no valid options.

Just because some players wants to see them removed or changed doesnt mean its a good idea.

i might have been reading the wrong thread, but ive seen some potential options mentioned

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Mi-28 doesnt have potential replacement, sorry but i dont think any sane person will be okay to replace their proper attack helicopter with Sh-60 hellfire option(including me).

Same goes for T80U, why should anyone be willing to replace that tank with upgraded T72(unless its a straight upgrade in every single way).

As for replacing Apache, only thing that comes to my mind are Eurocopter Tiger and Ka-50 series which none of them are operational on any of those countries we talked about.

Safe to say its pretty much dead end for helicopters, maybe T80U can be replaceable but just because you and some other players wants to see those vehicles replaced or removed doesnt mean everyone will agree with those ideas.

MH-60R and SH-60 (MH-60R) are candidates for both replacing the MI-28 and the AHS. It just depends on the armament they are given.

edit: MH-60L DAP is 11.3 in game the same as the AHS. a armament cut version can probably slap in lower BR as a squadron option

I dont think there would be that much resistance. It would just be a Panther 2 and Tiger 2 10.5 situation where they are in the game and will just nolonger be available for purchase. Both Panther 2 and Tiger 2 10.5 did not receive perfect analogues to “replace them”

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Both them are not attack helicopter therefore it will be downgrade in that situation.

İf users who grinded those vehicles can keep them just like Panther 2 or KT105 then it can be acceptable maybe.

They will both line up at a similar BR, and therefore will be a similar situation. Also so what?

Thats how basically every vehicle removal has been done, i dont see how this would be any different, and i havent seen anyone in this thread argued it should be done differently than previously

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They can replace the T80U with Leopard 2A5DK with older munitions, or use the Leopard 2A4NO (just for gap purposes), or the T-72M1 FINMOD 2 and move it down some BR. I know parts of the FINMOD 2 are mockup but it still passes requirements.

As for helicopters…yup.

So what? İ paid real money for a real attack helicopter so i expect another attack helicopter in replacement situation, not some utility helicopter.

Aside from you and me no one talked about this.

That was my first idea but then again Leopard2A5 will be quite powerful at 11.3, even with older ammunition.

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Yeah I was thinking it fills a similar gap to the Leopard 2PL.

They get to keep their other helicopter, so what?

Its litterally message nr 6 in the thread and the third one done by OP in a response to you:

İ mean its not bad idea considering T80U is also quite menace in its current br. So why not i guess.

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