Replace Sweden T80U and MI28

İ mean its not bad idea considering T80U is also quite menace in its current br. So why not i guess.

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Like how people kept their Cv90105TML? İ dont think gaijin will let us to keep Mi-28 while selling those helicopters to new players.

Seems like i missed that part, my bad.

I think it would be fine at 11.3 with like DM33 and/or DM43. 9 times out of 10 you’re going to fight against 11.7 anyways. The Leopard 2PL and Leopard 2A5DK share a lot of attributes in terms of gameplay.

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afaik that situation was a somewhat unique one and that is unlikely to repeat itself. but again noone has said anything about you loosing vehicles. just their removal from the tech tree

Yea make sense if you look it like that, Well then Leopard2A5DK when?

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As i already stated that if thats how its gonna happen then i dont think anyone will be against it, but its up to gaijin in the end.

There has been only 5 times vehicles have been removed from a tree, in 11 years ; I wouldn’t call that common. The 4 first times were because said vehicles were just too bad (French reserve, HMS Churchill, PO-2, Chinese PT-76), and half of them were reintroduced just after. The fifth time was the German vehicles, because they were pure fantasy (and Maus cause couldn’t be balanced, but is still available yearly). Either way it had nothing in common with this situation. So no, Gaijin won’t.

Would be nice to see some sort of CV90 instead of the T80U

You forgot the Italian planes in the German tech tree

They should be in tech tree rather then bein squadron vehicle tho i wouldnt mind getting a unique version of Cv90 as squadron vehicle.

I’m in general against trialed stuff, it opens a tremendous can of worms, it’s even worse than captured vehicles (though these are actually ok if used in numbers), people already ask for more showing Sweden as an example.

Poor little Teddy, did you report the email? So I would like to add again: Players with an average KD below 1 are not eligible to reply to this topic :DDDDDDD

yes, let’s remove artillery from br 9 and onwards from sweden, and give em AMOS instead what to use on game. This would be fun.