Replace M1KVT with M1A1KVT

In fact, in our timeline the United States has never converted an M1 into an imaginary enemy tank, which means that the M1KVT currently in the game does not exist in history. Historically, the imaginary enemy tank, known as the KVT, was modified from the M1A1. The official explanation was that“Since there is no level 7 tank pack in the game, we changed the M1A1 KVT to M1KVT”. So, since the next version will turn the m1kvt into a level 7 package, shouldn’t we respect history and replace it with the M1A1 KVT. Just like the previous CV90105 Gift Pack

事实上,我们的时间线上美国从来没有将M1改装成假想敌坦克过,也就是现在游戏里的M1kvt在历史上是不存在的。历史上作为假想敌坦克,也就是kvt的是由M1A1改装来的。之前官方给出的解释是“因为游戏里没有七级坦克礼包,所以把M1A1 KVT改成M1 KVT”。那么,既然下一个版本将把M1 KVT变成七级礼包,是不是应该尊重历史,将它替换成M1A1 KVT。就像以前的CV90105礼包那样


this could actually happen now since it is proposed that the M1 KVT is going to be rank 7 with the new roadmap changes planned.

very good suggestion.

Now that kvt is rank7 nothing is stopping them from making it a proper m1a1.

i have had enough with m774 doing literally no damage to t72s/leo2s after penning center mass.

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People wanted something else than the XM1, you get the M1KVT which is honestly a good prem. sure its a 105 but you have a fast reload and quite frankly i dont have a problem with the damage of the dart nor the dart itself. never had an issue with the M1 abrams. If they were to change it into an m1a1 its going to become an 11.0 and im not sure how id feel about having new prem players in literally top tier. 10.3 is fine as you wont get into 11.7 games. i understand your point about fiction but the idea of a prem m1a1 just seems worse to me. Just change it into a different export m1 if the KVT part bothers you so much

Already been denied by Smin. Sons of Attila - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1) - #4045 by Smin1080p

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You can already buy your way into top-tier via the M1A1 Aim. Just pay the GE price and there you go. This argument doesn’t really carry water as a result of that. Just change it to the correct model at this point. It should have the 120mm gun with the better ammo. Or just remove it then.

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priem M1A1 HC is coming, so we are the man who been treat and hurt by gaijin right? @Smin1080p