Replace France’s H-34

Replace the free starting H-34 with the SA 313B Alouette ll. The H-34 is not very good and I think it could just be replaced by the Alouette ll. Germany already starts with this helicopter and making a better stater heli for france will help its helicopter grind.


H-34 is not a bad starter, but it lacks in armament. I would prefer instead to add more loadouts to it, since French H-34 had multiple loadout tests and configurations, including 4 x S.S.11 (same as Allouette II). The US premium H-34 is way better because of those loadout options.
We also lack the Mammoth and Pirate armament options, although Gaijin has tagged them as implemented - but I don’t see any 20mm cannon or other types of rockets for H-34 though for it’s loadout.From all the options, the 4x SS.11s will be ideal for Anti-Tank role and Ground RB matches, and not too powerful since all wired ATGMs have less maneuverability now and it’s hard to point them to weaker/critical areas on a vehicle if it’s moving.

The same can be said for S.A.316 Alouette III as well: they mounted 20mm cannons in several configurations, yet none is represented in-game. In today’s configuration, Alouette III looks like a downgrade to II in-game although more armament options should be viable, including door gunners.