Repeated and meaningless ammunition replacement time T-62

T-62, when the gunner commander is unconscious, the loader will load the ammunition. At this time, the loading time is 9 seconds. However, if your member group level is high enough, it will appear that the loader is about to load the ammunition, but the next second it will change to the gunner’s position, and your shells will need to be reloaded. At this time, the loading time is 18 seconds. I find it very difficult to tolerate such a tormenting mechanism, which allows me to infinitely miss opportunities in combat, This should be a bug and I hope it can be fixed

I see in the earlier informations a new mecanism is in devellopement for that with “check point” in the reload. if the loader is hit or take another place, the reload restart to the check point and not to zero.

I dont know when that will add in the game.