Repairs resetting due to fire

It kind of goes without saying, but hey, it’s been a noticeable problem for me more than one occasion. I’ll be 2 seconds away from finishing repairs, and some heat spammer will set my fuel tank on fire, and suddenly, my repair is reset to 35 seconds. Why? That makes zero sense, especially if no other damages are to be had minus the actual fuel tank.

I think I speak for not only the majority of the community (in the position of the repairer anyway) when I say that needs to be removed, and if you’re on repair and only get set on fire, you resume the repairs where you were so RUDELY interrupted from- or, repair through the fire…I’d gamble burning to death on that one away.

Worth stating, on that note; If you stop for repairs, cease repairs and relocate for whatever reason, you should restart repairs where you left off and not as if you weren’t repairing in the first place- hell, it would be pretty interesting to see people selectively repairing certain modules as well.

Oh, and allow me to select the order in which I repair the modules I want to focus too. Like “Bro, I could not care less about my engine right now, give me my god forsaken gun back so I can defend myself” or “Let me repair my engine so I can get away and I’ll repair my turret ring later” type of thing. I’d imagine you all have had that same experience with your gun barrel/breach being repaired last. It’s genuinely aggravating.

Right now is the best way. Currently, you repair everything at once and stuff gets repaired in order of how long the repair for said modual takes. If your breech and engine gets knocked out, lets say breech takes 30 sec and engine takes 20 sec. The ui tells you that it is a 30 sec repair and the engine will be fixed with 10 sec still left on the rep.

If you want to do multiple 10-40sec repairs instead of a single one, i guess you could ask for that.

Would be nice. Maybe not exactly where you left off, add a couple secs to what you had left before the move.

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I honestly would be down with both, but I’m also an absolute sociopath soooooo LOL

I agree with the other person I was thinking on the thing where after the fire you start the repairs were left off but maybe add 5 seconds to it. Also reloading also is annoying. When my driver is knocked out and I am reloading while my crew is switching, if the loader replaces the driver, the entire reloading is reset, which has gotten me killed many times.