Repair/Replace In battle add-on armor. ERA, NERA and Composite Screens/Skirts!

Hi! Im Godino and this is mi suggestion about this new mechanic for ground vehicles.

I present you the new ability to repair/replace the add-on armor in battle!

This type of armor is known for being made to give more protection to vehicles for different threats and at the same time offer the ability to replace this armor in battle easily and fast.

Add-on armor pictures that im talking about from different vehicles for context

I´ve thinking about how this mechanic can be implemented.
First i thinked about leaving the ability to do it anywhere the battlefield or with any of you´r teammates help but i came to the conclusion about leaving the ability to everyone to replacing/reparing it like any other module/component of the vehicle can be over-powered. I did a concept to implement it like when you replace a crew member and i liked more that way. Being able to do it only on ally captured zones. And unlike the crew replenishment it can be implemented with more but limited uses. Like 2-3 uses per vehicle. Sadly I don´t know how much time take replacing the diffetent add-on armor but it can depend on how many damaged add-on armor parts you´r vehicle have. And i did a concept about how this mechanic can work in game

Here i leave some pictures about the concept of this game mechanic that i did

UI Concept

Damaged tank before repairing the add-on armor + UI

Same tank after repairing the add-on armor + UI

UI Icon

I hope you like this new game mechanic, this way can be added in War Thunder soon. If you don´t you can leave what you think about it in the comment section.

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Regards and great day to all!


I think having it work only in friendly capture zones is the perfect way to do it! +1