Repair rank in ground arcade?

Does it do anything in battle, or only in the hangar? Talking tanks…

Hover your mouse cursor over it.

There are two different crew skills for repair. There’s field repair on individual crew members which affects in-game repair time and then there’s the logistical services repair speed which only works in the hangar (for tanks). Repair rank is related to the latter one and if your repair rank isn’t high enough, the logistical services repair speed does not kick in.

The in-game description isn’t very clear, but like Etova_Kala wrote, Logistical Services is only for hangar time.

Wiki link:

Under Logistical Services, referring to Repair Speed and Repair Rank:

These two crew skills do not affect in-game combat, but rather allow you to repair your vehicles for free over time,

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Hovering the mouse over it does not answer this question.

Question was about ‘Repair rank’ not ‘repair speed’… I’m asking because it supposedly does matter for airplanes… Determines if you can fix your plane by landing on a friendly airfield during a battle. But I didn’t think it matters for ground arcade/tanks. For tanks it only applies to when in the hangar.

Both applies to “Logistical services”.

When you hover your mouse cursor over “Repair Rank”, it says:
“The mechanic’s skill. The maximum rank of vehicle that the mechanic can repair.”
But you don’t have any mechanic inside your tank although your crew can make small repairs.

For planes it probably mentions the airfield cause it’s the only place you can repair in battle, in tanks your crew can repair it anywhere and those repair skills are on the crew side.

I just didn’t gave you a direct answer cause this way you can check yourself for some other crew skill if you have any doubt about it.