Repair costs are pointless

It has happened to me too many times that I get multiple kills and earn up to 10k SL but, after the match half of it is taken away by repair costs. Personally, I don’t see the point of repair costs as the simply seem like a stupid mechanic all around. I mainly play tanks but I heard that the repair costs for aircraft are even higher.

Based on some explanations, repair costs (and times) are there to encourage players to populate the lower ranks/BRs of the game.

The way I see it, perhaps devs could remove or at least reduce the exp earning penalty, so that more progress can be gained when researching new vehicles in the tech tree, while folks are populating the lower ranks/BRs?

Enlisted - sort of a cousin of warthunder, with focus on infantry - does not have repair costs currently. Though, it’s progression model is also about to witness changes…

re there to encourage players to populate the lower ranks/BRs of the game.

i don’t think so? I mean, maybe at one point that was kinda the idea but too many vehicles at lower BRs were/are insanely priced (especially during performance based repair costs aka the last 10 years before now) for that to be true.

Turn off automatic repairs. Even if you just let the damaged vehicles repair in their crew slots for a little while as you go play another nation, or take a bio break, etc., that will save you a not insignificant amount of SL over time. That doesn’t change the fact that repair costs can be downright laughable at times, but it will help you save some SL while being stuck with the repair system we have to play with.

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don’t get me wrong but… i would recommend doing the tutorial first. With that ratio of kills/deaths and wins what do you expect? The game already has an economy for people with a negative IQ. Do a tutorial, watch some guides on yt, analyze what you’re doing wrong. It’s sad to see something like this to be honest
Don’t take this as some sort of attack on you, just honesty.

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Repair costs are only to make a learning curve that is necessary in that type of game. We have already a problem with premium high tier stuff that doesnt punish you for playing like an idiot, we really dont want that everywhere. With no repair cost everybody could just drive forward like crazy or hide behind one rock all game. Also dont get me started on suicide bombing that this would encourage… The quality of game would drop to the ground.

I suppose.
Just, how high the repair costs should be, really?
Should they really take more than a thousand SLs?

Well I started when old economy worked and climbed my way to top tier completely f2p and I never had a problem with keeping my balance above 1mil and buying all the stuff I wanted. New economy changed it to even easier mode.

Generally the people who complain about the economy either rushed too fast to higher tierswithout trying different nations, bought their way up orare simply not fit for the game. Wt demands both decent reflexes and patience/tactics so people moving from classic shooters or strategy games can be sometimes disappointed.

And yes thousend SL is really nothing in comparison to how much you can earn per single average battle

OP, I’m having trouble to parse whether you think repair costs are too high (and so a balance issue), or whether you think they shouldn’t exist at all (and so a game design issue).

If the latter, I will note that in fact, placing economic constraints on the player is a staple of game design, and has been for a long time. This is far from being a unique MMO trait. Putting the player in a situation of artificial scarcity is a way to make the player engage with the game; have them figure out strategies and approaches to tackle the issue; and to provide stakes. Just thinking about stuff I’ve played intensely in the past… Terra Invicta. Pretty much any Paradox strategy game. XCOM. Sim park builders like Prehistoric Kingdom. All examples of in-game economies.

In the specific case of War Thunder, it’s a pretty big incentive to stick around a BR until you’ve learned it, mastered it, and can earn SL through it; and then move on.

Hand on heart: I can’t say it’s a bad system. Even in the poor and excessively grindy state the economy was in prior to the recent changes, I as a new player who started out in February 2022, made my way up the German tree without too many issues, and I never really had to worry about SL at all. This was as a free to play player, and a pretty bad one to boot when I started. I didn’t have any premiums either. So I would say the economy was quite noob-proof.

Now that I’ve unlocked all the vehicles I care about, and I mostly play to get good at them, I have no expenses besides repair costs (and ice cream buckets, lol), and I’m literally swimming in Silver Lions. And while I have improved as a player; I’m still just average. You don’t need to be a god of war, to keep a positive balance in this game.

Of course, there is an MMO and monetisation side to it, too. If you want to rush through the ranks quickly for whatever reason, maybe under the false assumption that top tier is where “the good stuff is” and you don’t need to bother with learning the game first, then the issue of SL will frustrate you. You’ll play with an eye on the silver instead of focusing on learning the vehicles you’re using and just having fun. That will incentivise you to buy premium time/vehicles, which is good for Gaijin. And if you don’t do that, and “go broke”, you’ll need to go back to lower BRs, which helps Gaijin manage the queue times at multiple BRs.

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