Rendering Distance for Ground Strike

During the last updates, we received weapons allowing us to strike ground targets at several tens of kilometers distances (PGM-2000 and PGM-500 with 50km range, Kh-29TE with 30km range).

Furthermore, with future updates and the arrival of more modern technologies, we risk seeing the arrival of new weapons with similar ranges (AASM: from 30km to 70km, AS-37 Martel, Mar-1: 60km, AGM -154: beyond 20km, …)

However, the rendering distance of ground elements in the game is currently around 25km with a laser shoot possibility at 20km and TV/IR at 22km max, so the majority of these weapons are simply unusable for long shots (It is possible to shoot at more than 20km with some of these weapons using the CCRP).

Ideally, ground elements should be displayed continuously to allow for all possible shots. However, this is not possible without making the game more complex and losing performance.

If the rendering distance could already be doubled, this would allow weapons to be used in their optimal setting and would allow more secure firing against AA systems, particularly in simulator mode.

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i think gaijin should work on a FOV render distance increase specifically for the sights of such weapons rather than as a whole in TPP. because this will be less strain for the CPU/GPU as well as easier to implement


Apparently it’s an “engine limitation”

But I really don’t see how. Even if it’s just a low Polly box I want something there

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If people can gain advantage with ulq settings we should be able to gain advantage with caked up computers.