Renault ACG.1 Prototype

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The ACG.1 was the Belgian and industrial designation for the AMC 35 as it was known in French service.

The Belgian army had ordered 25 AMC 34 hulls in 1935, an order which would evolve to concern the second series of the AMC 34, which would later be designated as the AMC 35.
However, strikes and other problems arose at the Renault factory which was to be restructured into the new AMX factory and the deliveries were delayed several times.

As such, in order to carry on the tests, the Belgian army had demanded the prototype ACG.1 to be delivered in 1937, and the prototype would count as the first of the 18 tanks that were to be delivered, as the order was reduced due to poor climb performance following the tests.
(Only 12 were ultimately delivered)

The prototype ACG.1 differed from the production model in its armament. Unlike the standard AMC 35/ACG.1 which had a 47 mm cannon, the prototype was fitted with the 25 mm SA35 cannon.
The 25 mm could punch through more armor and had a significantly higher muzzle velocity, but the post-pen damage consequently suffered (although the 47 mm in-game doesn’t have much better post-pen damage).

Specifications - ACG.1 Prototype


  • SA35 L/72 25 mm cannon
    • APC: Penetration at 0m and 0°: 71 mm

Reloading rate: 3.9 → 3.0 s

  • Reibel 7.5 mm light machine gun


25 mm RHA on the front and the turret
20 mm RHA on the hull sides


Renault 4-cylinder engine (180 hp)
Max. speed: 42 km/h
4-speed transmission
Power to weight ratio: 12.4 hp per ton


3 (Driver, Commander-Gunner, Loader)


Mass: 14.5 t
Length: 4.572 m
Width: 2.237 m
Height: 2.336 m

To summarize it all, it’s basically the prototype of the AMC 35 which was armed with a 25 mm cannon that was given to Belgium where it was used in cavalry units against the German invasion.
It could be a Belgian vehicle in a future Benelux tree or it could go to the French tree for obvious reasons.



Would be good in either a Benelux tree or with France. +1

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