Renaming the SU25BM to SU25M1

Well i know you all gonna shot on me but. Somehow all i could found the BM is the fact that its an unarmed version for towing targets.
The M1 on the otherhand is a 2010 upgraded version for the ukrainian forces. New Avoinics etc etc. So i would like to know your oppinion on this or some Evidenz that the BM was armed as its displayed by Gaijin.

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Do the Belorussian or Kazakh air forces use the same nomenclature as the Russian one ? I can’t say I’m familiar, but it may be a case of the " same " name referring to something else in different operators usage.

That’s the USSR Su-25BM from the 80’s.

Different plane to the Belarus Su-25BM from the 2010’s.

Two different nations with two different naming schemes, sometimes they land on the same designation.

Its also completely different to the SU-25M1 upgrade.

They shouldve added the Su-25SM instead, but as TT not in the event.

There are still Su-25s that Russia made which can be added to the TT, including the SM modernizations.

They are trainers, i dont think it would be good to add too many Su-25s theres still more jets which could be added the Su-24 series for example another great attacker, highly capable and got new missiles which havent been added yet.

Also i dunno why OP wants to rename it to Su-25M1 since thats the ukrainian one, they dont use R-73.

The original BM variant from 80s was designed for target towing but was very far from being unarmed. Its armament was more or less the same as the basic version of su25 at that time, including the GSh-2-30 cannon. And because the target towing winch was never delivered before the dissolution of USSR, those aircrafts were never actually used as target towing. Nowadays, Su25BMs are serving in RuAF as attackers just like other variants.