Renaming the Chaparral to M730

Please rename the Imp.Chaparral to M730.

The Chaparral is based on the M113 chassis. The carrier vehicle was called M730, with variants of A1 and A2 variants denoting upgrades to M113A2 and A3 standards, and the launcher part was the M54. I understand why they called it Imp.Chaparral, to avoid calling it M48, as that was the name of the full system. Naming it M48 would (rightly) have confusion with M48 tank. But seeing as the carrier itself had a separate name, M730, why not call it that? It looks nicer than Imp.Chaparral at least. If it must be called M48, then perhaps M48(C), with the C standing for Chaparral. But a name other than Imp.Chaparral, like M730, would look nicer and fit better with the other vehicles in the tree.

Since the Chaparral’s official name was Guided Missile System, Aerial-Launch, M48, and the variant we have ingame is the M48A2, the most correct name would actually be the M48A2 GMS, which causes no confusion.

There are 2 M48A2 vehicles in the game. The M48A2 C and the M48A2 G2 A2.

Yes there will be confusion from that unless you specifically know that GMS means its an entirely different vehicle

Would GMS not specify a new vehicle already? No M48 Patton has GMS in the name anywhere, as far as I know, both for variants in game and not in game.