Removing unfair nerfs on the Breda Breda 501

As you know, the Breda suffered two unfair nerfs:

  • First it was upgraded from BR 4.0 to BR 4.7
  • Second its gun now has much less penetration than before, now it is 145mm, before it was 158mm

He is now forced to fight at BR 4.7 or higher with a cannon that has the same penetration as a BR 3.7 tank, so to solve the problem either you give him back his true penetration capacity of the 90/53 cannon which is 158mm or you have to bring him back to BR 4.0.

Above all in my opinion before thinking of nerfing this vehicle you should have first adjusted it historically, the Breda has 8 crew members not 5, but obviously the developers put 5 members to make it easier to destroy with machine guns and thus lower its survivability, and until you give it the rest of the crew this vehicle is not a tank that deserves to be raised to BT 4.7, with its current capabilities it is a BR 4.0 vehicle.

I would like to thank user “Imaflyingturkey”" for pointing out this problem to me in the comments:
It would be a good idea to add a button that allows your sides to be lowered or raised so as to avoid cutting all the corners of the map.


If you notice, they have changed the explosive filler to 347g of TNT, which has made it bigger boom boom, this isn’t a nerf, it’s a buff, especially since it can still pen everything


It’s not a buff because APHE with more than 170 grams of TNTe ends up dealing overpressure damage when it explodes inside a tank.

With that in mind there’s no meaningful advantage in going past 170 grams of TNTe. Going past this value means you sacrifice penetration for higher one shot potential when the likelihood of a one shot is extremely high already, and does not need improvement.

The old “Granata Perforante mod.43” on the Breda already had overpressure damage enabled, with 180 grams of TNTe. Penetration has gone down by quite a bit for an increase in damage that is not meaningful.


dont forget the sides are now down with no way to get them up


To clarify, the 170 gram of TNTe for “turning on” overpressure in APHE rounds comes not only from me testing and checking in game values, but also from the response of a Gaijin employee, in Gaijin’s bug report site.

Gaijin employee response

This is the bug report where the comment is found.

One thing I want to point out is that, as the creator of the bug report points out, the Russian 100 mm did have overpressure enabled, however it has since been “turned off” for this cannon. Right now, only APHE rounds with more than 170 grams of TNT have overpressure, and there are no exceptions, at least none that I am aware of.

On another note I have checked the old “Granata Perforante mod.43” and it did have overpressure enabled with 180 grams of TNTe, as expected since it is over 170 grams

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I agree with the user named “FlipAllTheTables”.

This is not a buff

I’d much rather have a higher penetration ability than have a high explosive filler, after all if you can’t penetrate armour you’ll never kill an enemy tank, and anyway you’re wrong about him still being able to penetrate everything, he used to be able to safely kill KV’s now there’s a chance my bullet will bounce off his armour.
In my opinion they nerfed it to help Russian heavy tanks from being destroyed.


The penetration nerf was due to formula changes if i remerber correctly and was applied universally, not just to the breda. Also, i played my first and only game in this vehicle yesterday, and got 12 kills before i was killed by a plane. Definitely does not need to go down in br

Nah, it’s because the changed the amount of explosive filler, thus lowering the penetration.

It’s unlikely that the BR will change because the vehicle is just very good.


Try aiming instead of trying a point and click adventure?

Not sure why the reload is that high when it’s such an open vehicle, the VFW goes from 7.8 to 5.2s without the side skirts.

Also, i played my first and only game in this vehicle yesterday, and got 12 kills before i was killed by a plane. Definitely does not need to go down in br

The same could be said of the 8.8 cm Flak 37 Sfl., but it is still at BR 4.0.🤔
I know that the 8.8 cm Flak 37 Sfl is not as fast as the Breda 501, but it has a better anti-tank gun than the Breda 501 with a lower reload than the Breda 501, and is able to use Sprgr L/4.5 to hit aircraft as well.

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Ok well I don’t know why you need more penetration than is needed at that BR, especially since you have single shot capabilities whenever you pen, and all you need to do is aim and you win


Biggest nerf imo is the open screens
Having a Tiny bit Protection and fit through smaller Spaces seams like a good tradeoff

It is not as you say, now with less penetration, (I had also written it down), there is a chance of bouncing off vehicles like the KV or those with heavy armour.

Before at least against vehicles like the KV I was sure to kill them, now not anymore.

Honestly the way it was implemented in the game without a crew of 8 and without the ability to raise and lower the mini skirts and without its penetration the Breda 501 shouldn’t be at BR 4.7, at most BR 4.3.

Yea they had that possibility for the German Event vehicle is it that hard to offer the same thing for the breda 501

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I don’t have it, but statistically it should perform fine


It is fine in its current state, I have a positive K/D with it and it has a wonderful line up with the M4 tipo, the 75/46 semovente. Chuck the AB 43 in the line up for a little more fun.

Well, this is an understatement. Its super slow without any inertia. Light vehicles and ambushers somehow need good speed, acceleration an maneuverability. Otherwise they’re just not very efficient in most cases. Its mainly not the gun which defines a vehicle, but the way how easy/fast you get into good positions.


It’s ok also now with Hungary at its side maybe Italy can be a great nation
Doesn’t Change the fact it could be a better vehicle if they could mix the open and closed Versions
Like they did for the German Event Bus

True, but none of the Hungarian vehicles suit the 4.7 line up for now.