Removing CAS from ground wouldn't hurt SPAA

bouta tickle some tanks with M16 lol nice pen but against well armored ones eehh no thanks.

I would if it were a Falcon and I play it like a rat, as an arcade main I have had around 4 nukes with it in ground RB. You will have a higher probability of getting nukes if the enemy has german team because at that br most of their tanks can be frontally penned by Falcon.

I wouldn’t give a shit about one Strela if I can have fun with my 50 other MBTs, light tanks, and casemates, it’s some extremely easy to sacrifice, I wouldn’t even miss it. I mean who plays Strela if it wasn’t for CAS spams?

Anti-aircraft missiles are popular because they do not require skill.

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Dropping bombs on tanks or AGM tanks with your helis or SU-25K require skills?

Bruce Lee: boards don’t hit back

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to be able to shoot at planes is to shoot down a Su-25 from a so-ki. To shoot down with a homing missile is not a skill.

I love playing CAP and SPAA, I don’t want that ruined because “plen make me angy”


People are bad in this game → why using tanks? Because you have to think where to shoot in planes,… that’s too much for my brain.

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Yes even CAS needs skill, you do not know because you do not play it. But droping a bomb is not so easy as you may think, avoiding SPAA also require skill. My experience is saying this: players who have skill issue are complaing the most, skille players do not complain so often or so much as newbies, whcih have played 50 - 200 hours, discovered the forum and start to cry about CAS. It is part of the game and it will stay a part of the game, deal with it, get some skill in SPAA or go play something else. And I can say you one thing, CAS is nothing, minimum 60% of players playing tanks are useless most of the time, they do not use brain even when facing only tanks, planes are the last problem they have. They only focus on them when they got killed by bomb. But it is just their skill absence and laziness.


Regarding SPAA earnings, I have previously suggested increasing these to 400% of what they currently earn but only for air kills. (At this point, I don’t favor cuts to SPAAs’ ground kill earnings–just increases to yields for aircraft killed.)

Try that as an economic incentive…goading the enemy into aircraft then killing them with SPAAs used to be a integral part of team bleeding strategies years ago.


SPAA ground kill earnings are on par with any other tank so that’s fine, even though some SPAA’s work better as tank destroyers but that aside :D

Still is in a way although at top tier it’s the reverse really. Did a few 10.0 matches with Sweden just now and in the 4 matches I played, all were against USSR so about 5 minutes in you have 4 Su25’s absolutely skimming the ground and rocketing the shit out of spawn, I burned up my SPAA and a backup for it and all I got was 1 air kill because these guys come in so low radar won’t see them, and the game audio is so fucky right now that you can’t really hear where exactly the guy’s gonna be coming from.

And that’s the kind of BS I hate :D

Air vs air (fighter vs fighter) take skills

Air vs SAM especially Strela capability takes skills

Air vs tank (bomber dropping bombs on tanks or your SU-25K shooting missile at tanks takes skills?)

If you think the third one takes skills then you probably also think breathing takes skills aka professional breather lol

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Please use already created CAS thread.