Removed Vehicle in Simulation List

I react.
In Modern Tank Simulation, T-129 has been removed from the ATAK list.
Why is T-129 ATAK being removed from the list when there is A-129 Mangusta? I am against this!
Before the update, there was T-129 ATAK in the lists, but now it is not there and only the A-129 helicopter appears to have been removed from the list. Why was it removed for this reason? Although it is not played on weight, this restricts our players from playing T-129 ATAK, even though it is their favorite vehicle.
I foresee T-129 ATAK coming back to the simulation vehicle list.

Removed Vehicle in Simulation List.

Tepki koyuyorum.
Modern Tank Simulasyonunda T-129 ATAK listesinden çıkarılmış.
A-129 Mangusta varken T-129 ATAK neden listeden çıkarılıyor ben bu işe karşıyım!
Güncellemeden önce listelerde T-129 ATAK bulunurken şimdi o da yok ve listeden çıkarılmış sadece A-129 helikopter gözükmektedir neden bu sebeble kaldırıldı ağırlık üzerine oynanmasa da favori araçları olmasına rağmen bu oyuncularımızın T-129 ATAK oynanmasına kısıtlamaktadır.
T-129 ATAK simulasyon araç listesine geri gelmesine öngörüyorum.

Simulasyon Listesinde Kaldırılan Araç.


Lan bizim helikopteri mi kaldirmislar. Bug report ac gaijinin sitesinde hemen eklerler , Ben SU-25BM icin açmıştım ertesi gün eklemişlerdi simulatore.

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Bilgi verdiğin için teşekkür ederim görür görmez hemen açtım.

Modern Tank Not Appearing in the Cold War Simulation Vehicle Lis // // Issues

Thank you for correcting it.

acmissin ama baslik yanlis, tank yok degil helikopter yok demen lazim.

Basligi: “T129 Atak is not in Ground SB List” yap

Speak English please in this section. But Gaijin do another same bullshit as ever. its a little better than before because its fin ish to fight 12.0 with your 9.7/10.0 but not entirely finished…
Because Soviet/Chineese (i feel stupid let always thoses 2 Nations VS the rest of the world, it is nothing historical or realistic) are again screwed! They don’t have same CAS capacity with lower planes/Helicopter than other side. THey have better anti air with too low BR Tunkunska + Too OP TY90, but this not balance well(sorry bad english).
-And why NATO+others have 11.3/11.7 Tank or Helicopter who go 11.3/10.7 in SIM Br like Challenger 2 + 2E!, Merkava mk3+mk3BAZ, HSTVL, AH1mk1, Ah64-DJP (Stupid BR and always stay at 10.3 since 4+ years! like his name says its the same top tier apache but JaPan with radar and Hellfire 2K). Add mig 27/Su22mk4 and T72B3, T80U. But i don’t think its a good idea, just remove thoses NATO vehicules for balance.

in the new 10.7 ground SIM event UK gets challenger 2E and usa gets HSTVL meanwhile best soviets get is t-90A

HSTVL are for me too high of course when you can find PVO to 10.0now or VCC 80.60 at 9.3! But Challenger 2+2E don’t have its opposite in therm of efficacity. Is this the same idiot who balance the game and choose the BR for RB and SIM? Is it the same who make this bracket? The same stupid who choose the BR for Chineese Jet in SIM like Q5 who are mig 19 with just 250kb bomb at 9.0/9.3 RB (correct) but go directly to 10.7 in SIM without RWR, flares, Missiles or something modern except a TGP?? For the T90 like he are the same in the game as a CHally 2E lol ! IRL yes but not in game!