Removed planes from air arcade

Its kind of ridiculous that its even still a thing just had a game 2nd spawn get to cap bomb no fuse dead 3rd spawn halfway to cap bomb no fuse dead.
If this was ground Rb it wouldn’t be a problem but it was arcade you only get 3 spawn everone is marked on map its actually a joke that this is a feature ruins games and is incredibly frustrating. Please remove or rework completely its just not good enough

No response from gaijin…

What the hell does it even mean

I think he spawned the 2nd time went to the cap zone and catched a bomb from a plane and he got no “fuse” … this could translate to security which maybe means backup I guess.
3rd spawn he catched a bomb on his way to the cap zone and again no “backup”.

You can easily remove planes from air arcade. There is a big button on your computer. Keep it pressed for at least 4 seconds. Voila, all planes are gone from air arcade.


Removing planes from Ground Arcade Battles would be a net positive.

It would remove a pointless mechanic from Ground Arcade Battles which doesn’t level your vehicles in any form and it would provide a compromise for players requesting a ground only game mode.

Personally, I was hoping they’d change the Ground Arcade plane options from some random, anonymous vehicle to be more like Naval Arcade where you can put your own planes in the line-up (or have the option of an anonymous one in case you don’t have any).


OP, what are you talking about, did you use Google Translate?
And in Air Arcade you can actually spawn as many times as you have planes in your setup - and this is multiplied by two if you also have backups for them.