Remove Time limits from BP missions

Can we plese remove the Time limit from the BP Missions? I mean it is 2023 and time limits on missions have been out of each and every BP in each and every game except for War thunder. Some games replaced them by daily missions with the adtion of over arching missions others have just daily missions. But WT has the only BP in the gaming industry which you can not complete unless you play for more than 3/4 of the alloted time. Essentially making it a case of “Oh I can not finish it? well back to game XYZ then, nothing to do here”. It literally fails to fulfill its only purpose. Kepp players interested and playing. Now it is a case of “Oh I want that? Oh I have planned holidays or work? Well better cancel it all or I wont get it”

In general the BP also needs a massive rework. The current top rewward NEEDS to be a tech tree vehicle. Why is a standard issue MBT of the british army a “special limited timed offer” Its like making the Tiger E and H limited timed offers. Or making 76mm Shermans a special thing. Or locking the T34 85 behind a paywall. But that is a topic for another time.


You have 2 free daily missions (2pts + 3pts) and each time you do that 2 missions, you cant have a special task in the warbond shop (30 warbonds, 5pts).

The other “missions” are challenges and it is precisely why they have a 3 weeks timer to be completed.

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In the first season they had no timer…they just unlocked one per week and they were kept active until the end of the season.


Heeeeeeeee … No, BP challenges have always that 3 weeks timer …

SO my statement that you can not finish the BP if you do not play the first two months of three is correct. So 1 month, a bit more actually, is wasted time.
I Apex Legends for example, I can finish the BP after say 5 Weeks out of 12 and if I start in week 10 I can still finish by the end of week 12. That is engagement.
Now in WT I can get to level 30 if I spend playing 8h on average a day as that is the time I need with the broken beyond believe daily missions and special missions. then for buying I get another 15 levels. so I end up at Level 45 in 3 weeks of constant grind.

And taht is with my 8.5 LvL headstart over the Apex scenario. Which btw I once did by Playing Apex 6h a day for just over a week. So I first hand know whow a good Bp should operate.

But lets take another example. LoL There you have 15 missions you finish one after the other either by fulfilling special tasks or by playing the game for a certain amount of time. theoretically you can finish the missions on day 1. After that you have missions you can repeat endlessly which are also “do or earn x amouints of play points” just like the normal missions.
The one thing a BP has to do is make me want to grind it. And WT has the only BP I ever experienced that does not make me want to grind it. Infact it is the only one I always loath to grind. Like the majority of the community.

That, i can agree.

heuuuuuuuu… L2P …

But the BP of Apex Legend is different of WT … The WT’s BP are make for spend more time on the game.

By making me and everyone else want to quit and not play because there is nothing to achive by playing? The Apex BP as any other BP is designed to make players stay and play more. Only thing is that WT fails miserably

I admit the WT’s BP can be more fun. but that be relatively easy to up in the BP. Without try hard, i’m lvl 70 on the current BP and i doing all challenge. And i dont spend 8h /day on the game… I spend an average of 3 hours a day on the game…
i just optimise my time on the game with tasks.

that is fine, but my point is not even about fun but about it being incapable of fulfilling its only purpose. giving me sth to achive and rewarding me playing.

I could not play for over a month. I can not even play 5 days a week. I only ever managed to get past Level 50 on the last BP despite having well over 1500h in the game. The BP is quite simply badly designed and worse executed and removing the timers would atlest make it badly designed and meh executed. So a minor but easy and fast “fix”

No, they didn’t ;)

The three week limit started with season IV, “Fearless Voltigeur”

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I absolutely agree, battle pass timers are stupid af especially if I’ve paid for the battle pass! I don’t pay money into the game and expect to be told by gaijin as and when i must fit the game into my lifestyle. If i work full-time and im busy i need to be able to cram the few spare hours in wherever possible. Gaijin limiting the time frame in which i can do that simply make me not pay for the battle pass altogether. I happily bought the first season because i could smash out all the challenges when i suited me. Ever since no I’m not paying into a system that if i miss a challenge or two i might as well not bother.

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