Remove the word 'Extension' from the new stat card lines for aircraft

On the dev server there are two new useful lines on vehicle stat cards, displaying the maximum speed for both gear and flaps of the selected vehicle.


This is a nice QoL change, however, as it is currently implemented, the text is longer than the stat card can display without scrolling. By removing the word ‘Extension’ from the text, little to no meaning is lost, and the text can now display more cleanly.



+1 from me

Make a suggestion for it! :)

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Currently it only indicates the rip speed of landing flaps, it would be much more useful if it also indicates the rip speed of takeoff and combat flaps

Agreed, that would also be a nice addition.

I’ll be honest I’m not sure if I’m supposed to do that somewhere on here or on the bug reporting website :P
Are Dev Server related suggestions allowed to go into the forum Suggestions category?

Here, put it under suggestion category

Oh, your right. Might want to wait until it goes live. I mean you can try now, but idk if it’ll get implemented