Remove the Vehicle Restriction on the 61 Mechanised Battalion Group Decal

For some reason, the Emblem of the 61 Mechanised Battalion Group is “historically restricted”, where only a select few South African vehicles can use it. This is inconsistent with every other “division” decal in the game, and is quite weird.

shot 2024.03.23 18.47.39


Why is this a discussion? do you people not bother trying to make a suggestion tab? Which would be more direct on a problem that should change. I mean by no means do i not disagree, but making a discussion topic seems pointless since it will get likely ignored and buried.

Because this is something that isn’t important enough to warrant a suggestion or bug report. Gaijin mods specifically said just make a general forum post for things like this.

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Hmmm, I have a feeling it’s not gonna be looked at. Seen a few similar ones in which nothing changed ever.

Then you have the ones i won’t dive into that are filled with a lot of cloned seeds.

I mean, a lot of things from forum posts actually are passed to the devs, but Gaijin most of the time doesn’t do anything until like 2 years later when a random dev has nothing better to do. Better to post than not post after all.


They don’t ever accept them except very rarely.

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Those are often suggestion posts not discussion threads.

Yes please, these restrictions are bizarre and set a horrible precedent.