Remove the useless Soviet/German additions to the Italian tree!

Italy, in the eyes of Gaijin, is the home to all the minor axis nation, thing that I can’t comprehend seeing how those were German allies, under german sphere of influence.
Unfortunately we don’t host any “Mediterranean” tree, although I strongly pushed for it, we just have some vehicles that we developed and were bought by other nations.


“German allies, under german sphere of influence.”
Not exactly. For example, Austria and Hungary both joined the Rome Protocols with Italy long before they worked anything out with Germany. Both Hungary and Romania (Also Austria, but Austria doesn’t need to be in the Italian tree) used plenty of Italian equipment, alongside German ones.
People severely underestimate Italy’s influence at the time, even a Certain Leader of Germany who “looked up,” to a Certain Leader of Italy for a period of time before the war. (I’m not sure about the forum’s policy of naming those two, but you know who.)

As for the “Mediterranean” part, yes, one or two vehicles is how it starts. We had the Toldi (Which Hungary bought from Sweden, not Italy) before we got anything else Hungarian. Now we have the Portuguese G.91, Spanish VRCC, Turkish T129 and F-104, who knows what the future holds?

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Want a T-90?, its currently going for free from Britain :P

But seriously. Diluting TTs with soviet stuff as a band-aid for poor balance is just bad


It’s a shame because the Hungarian vehicles are interesting and propose alternatives to certain vehicles! The Turan III versus the M4A4 or Pz IV G, or the Zrinyi I vs the StuG. It’s not like they’re required to slap it all into a separate line, there’s vehicles mixed about a few times in other trees.

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Nah, keep them.
2A7 will be important in the future as well.
BTR-80 is a unique model BTW.

Important how? So they can ignore fixing some of the modelling errors of the Ariete? If I wanted to play the Germans, I could play them for free. I shouldn’t have to deal with their vehicles unless it was absolutely necessary, which it isn’t.
There’s alternatives to the BTR-80 as well which have either been suggested or passed to developers beforehand. Nobody cares if it takes two updates for unique vehicles to be modeled.


If you played the Germans you wouldn’t have an Ariete P & Italian IFVs with you.
BTR-80 should still be in Italy regardless of what else they add in the future.

Good, I’d expect to not have Italian vehicles playing Germany, unless it was the only option, same as I am saying right now.
BTR-80 should not be here. There are Italian alternatives, we do not need a BTR-80 for whatever contrived reason you can think of.
Personal question, and I don’t mean to seem rude, but how much do you really play Italy, if at all?


I have Ariete P as one of the final things I ground for before I got burnt out of ground last year.
I then focused hard on air for the last year with on & off on ground, I’m at G91Y on air for Italy, as the final nation to unlock rank 8 for, but I’m back on ground, with intentions to get all Arietes next major update.

M60A1 DC Ariete is among my favorite tanks.
OF-40s are both amazing. Dislike the Centauro but will still get the 120 cause it’s neat.
Leo 1A5 & M47 105 are also among my favorites in Italy.
Never playing Freccia similar to how I’ll never play BMP-1s.

I can tell you used the premiums quite a lot, interesting to note though the people pushing the hardest for these Soviet additions are the people who’ve generally stuck to their premiums and hardly played the tech tree. Like you say your Leopard 1A5 is one of your favorites but you have only 10 matches in it? I wonder why that is considering how much the grind is for the Ariete P is. Weird.




It’s not so much premiums as it’s interesting vehicles. KV1 & M4A2 are among my favorite tanks of WW2 since I played BF1942 in 2004.
I picked up M60A1 DC Ariete cause it was neat.
As for the grind, I didn’t play M47 nor M60A1 DC Ariete until I had the previous rank spaded. M26, FIAT, and the other thing… AWFUL, yes that’s intentional.
Then I used 7.7 Italy, spaded everything, got Ariete P using M47, M60, and OF-40.
Cause they’re fun.
So yes, I’ve played domestic Italy for many days, which you clearly know I have.
10 matches is ~2 hours.
The only Italian tank I stopped playing is M26 cause the lineup’s gone now.

As for examples of my efficiency, I stopped playing Mirage 3C the moment it was spaded.

I’m sure it’s just that they’re interesting. If you think the 6.3 or 6.7 vehicles are or were awful, then I can’t honestly trust your opinion. “Many days,” doesn’t mean much when all that shows is you blowing through premiums, then coming in to talk about how Italy must be flooded with Soviet tech.
Being frank, it seems like you just don’t like the Italy tree and the only thing possibly to interest you would be a Leopard 2 or T-72 or something. Why not just stick to Germany and have all your NATO/WP combos over there?


No, just the AUBL. FIAT Is nice, and M26 is absolute glory, but no more lineup sadly unless I do M26 & Re 2006.
Also M60A1 being the only premium I used during Italy, which I only used upon reaching OF40 since I don’t bring one tank lineups, and I only used it in battles with OF40 & M47.
So no, I didn’t “blow through” premiums as you claim.

Since you’re out here antagonizing people that love the Italian tech tree…
Safe to say you’re not a fan of Italy.

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“Since you’re out here antagonizing people that love the Italian tech tree…
Safe to say you’re not a fan of Italy.”
Please, search my name in-game and check my most used vehicles! :D
“Also M60A1 being the only premium”
Which is your most used Italian vehicle with 180 matches, your 3rd most being the premium F-104 TAS with 80 battles, your 9th most used is the AUBL HVG, and your 14th most used is the Panzer 4 G. This is more than “just the M60 premium!”


Well yeah, F-104S TAF was to get through the American jets that I didn’t want to play for a 3rd time.
I wanted to play G91YS and I can’t research that with props.
And F-104S TAF is an Italian jet which is far more unique than F-84G.
AUBL HVG is an event vehicle, which means it was free.
Panzer 4G didn’t exist [in my ownership] until I already had Ariete P.
So yes, it’s just the M60.
Again, instead of antagonizing me you could actually listen.

I have listened to you, and you have never made a case for Soviet vehicles being in the Italian tree?
You stated you played Italy, and have claimed I hated Italy and that I’m not a fan, because I’ve told you specifically that I don’t highly value your opinion, given that you seem to hardly play Italy and have skipped many of the vehicles, and that you want Soviet vehicles to be added in their place.

So, then, the floor is yours to make a case? How does a T-72M1 going in at 9.3 plug any gaps in the Italy tree, when 9.3 is one of the strongest lineups? Or a Leopard 2A4 at 10.3? You instead mentioned a Leopard 2A7 Gaijin has never stated is coming to Italy. The only possible gap being plugged currently is a radar-equpped ZSU-23-4 going in at 8.0, unless something magical has happened recently?


They aren’t Soviet tho, they’re Hungarian.
Sure, the Soviets may have produced them, but service was with Hungary, which Italy is getting.
T-72M1 replaces one of my Centauros…
KF41 also becomes the first fast tracked vehicle of the tech tree, which is nice.
BTR-80 will be a nice recon vehicle, I love my BTRs, and playing them with OF-40 excites me.
This is a war games simulator after all, not a historical battles reenactment.
Custom battles are the best place for historical reenactments.
2A4 might not get played, time will tell.

…So you don’t actually have any rationale beyond the fact that you like them?

That’s quite selfish. Again, the German tree is more your lane, maybe the Soviets. Why not head over there instead of demanding they be in other trees?

As I have said already, these vehicles either enter into filler positions or take up space of Italian additions. This is the Italian tree, sorry to inform you, not the Soviet/German tree.

And yes, this game is not a “historical reenactment,” I agree! So, we do not need these Soviet vehicles just because Hungary historically operated them.


They’re Hungarian, they stay.
That’s the rationale.
And I like some of them, dislike others.
But T-72 in general I like from BF Vietnam nostalgia.

And there you go hating on Italy again calling it Germany.