Remove the Trust limit

This system was designed to deliberately do several of the things you mention, don’t think for second otherwise. It’s a cute way to curb the more outspoken players disgruntled with numerous aspects of this game without a moderator being the bad guy.


Sounds like censorship to me.

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I don’t like it neither but I don’t think they can remove it since it’s built in with this specific forum program I think.

They can adjust the values tho and make it easier for us to unlock the levels. They are planning on making the edit option available for everyone tho so there that.

^ That, adjustments will be made to help make things bit easier


Don’t hold your breath on everybody being able to get to the edit level. This is going to create a very distinctly layered cast system with forum users, it’s by design.

I mean its literally what they said
" NOTE: The Forum is still under maintenance, the edit option will come for everyone."

And just seeing now it seems like I can edit already anyone else have the option?

We have made it accessible for everyone

Considering how outspoken some parts of the community were before and the fact there is more or less an auto censor at a certain trust level makes it worse. Let’s say that whoever looks at Xbox posts suddenly censored us all on their end, how would we be heard by them if they can’t see the posts?

They turned the forum into a grind as well, have to get your daily logins to 50 out of a 100 days, must have viewed up to a 125 topics in that period, so those are your daily tasks, must have read up to 5000 posts in a 100 days, that’s your special task.

And then you must do this constantly or you’ll lose this trust level, which is the battlepass grind.

Now all we are missing is a forum economy, getting likes gives you 10k SL, getting flagged costs you a 100k SL but you’ll be able to buy more SL of course.

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I agree their new design will allow for the bad members or the community to gatekeep, this is an inevitable stop in the road for this new forum if they don’t fix it before it becomes an issue.

Essentially their going to see the forums user population section it off into micro nations made up of factions of users and each article created will be a volatile demilitarized zone filled with border checkpoints basically.

As far im aware are the Trust Levels editable. Regarding the “auto moderation” have a Look to this topic

Ah, so the Forum now has an economy and a grind, very in-character.


If you guys remove the levels and only have mod tiering like in the last forums then i wojld be more comfortable here. Without fear of someone editing my comments later on.

No one can Edit your posts… only staff will have that option, and we only edit posts to remove certain imagery and or “Bad Words”


So no one can get to level three then ?

It is just a fact that others cannot edit your posts

Now whats the feature that no longer lets me directly reply to people?
Seems very similar to shadow banning IMO, seeing as my reply would be lost in the thread

What do you mean you cannot directly answer posts? You do not have Replay button under all posts?

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What it says is if you are level 3 you can make your OWN posts editable by others (a wiki post). You can’t edit other people’s posts until 4 (unless presumably they are wiki).

Level 3s can only group block level 0s. Since a zero has been on the site less than 10 min and hasn’t interacted with the site at all. This will help remove actual spam and shouldn’t affect regular users.

It would be good to see a real matrix of what the various rights levels are after Gaijin’s adjustments, not just default Discourse. But I’m really underwhelmed by the various projected bad scenarios here.

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