Remove the Trust limit

What do you mean you cannot directly answer posts? You do not have Replay button under all posts?

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What it says is if you are level 3 you can make your OWN posts editable by others (a wiki post). You can’t edit other people’s posts until 4 (unless presumably they are wiki).

Level 3s can only group block level 0s. Since a zero has been on the site less than 10 min and hasn’t interacted with the site at all. This will help remove actual spam and shouldn’t affect regular users.

It would be good to see a real matrix of what the various rights levels are after Gaijin’s adjustments, not just default Discourse. But I’m really underwhelmed by the various projected bad scenarios here.

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Whenever I click reply it says I’m directly replying but it does not link to the post I’m trying to reply to, I can only reply to myself and mods it seems

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Seems to be resolved

Think it only works if the post is separated by other posts, but if you reply to a post above yours it just doesn’t bother for some reason, which seems like a questionable design choice.
I’m replying to your post now but not sure if it’s working as intended.

Edit: Clearly doesn’t work then, just stupid website design.


Seems to be it, Im replying to you so lets see if it works

So while I was writing the post, yet another one defending this new forum system, one of my posts was hidden (for using the word “condescending” about a mod’s choice of word). I might not be defending the new forum as much now, safe to say. Or even participating as much for that matter.

Anyway, last thought here, the real issue wouldn’t seem to be the trust issue, it’s that person making the decision to block you is wholly unknown to you now. Now moderators can block anything you write and all it tells you is “the community” did it for doing… Something. Whether it’s a bunch of other players you offended or just one mod, you shall never know. The individual responsibility is hidden in, and empowered by, the shadows of collective judgment. Personally I’d rather know who my accuser was… YMMV.


To be fair moderators have never taken responsibility for their actions before either, previously your posts would also disappear, get edited or replaced and you would have no way of knowing who or why.

Also I am replying to your latest post but the forum doesn’t like that so I’m using an older post to indicate I am in fact replying to you.


Yes it is a problem trying to reply to someone specifically. Sometimes it’ll show their profile as the one you’ve replied to, sometimes it won’t. I noticed this yesterday and figured it was messing up already. It may actually be a feature for a purpose to them 🤷

Edit : see it happened just now, as I replied to you @Miragen but it showed I replied to no one.

Same, and I would quote the content to show what I’m reply to, then there should be no confusing.

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ive noticed some issues my self

This one should be a reply to you TrotylYu

But, I have also noticed that if you try and quote the person directly above you it will not do so… it kinda knows that you are already answering that person above you anyway

But it should quote others at least one post above yours

Not quoting the person above you is just a baffling design choice, no reason why it should be guess work if someone replied to the person above them or just replying to the OP, it definitely needs some indicator of this.