Remove the map ban and have proper rotation

If Gaijin removed the map ban but had proper rotation featuring all its maps in rotation, would you miss the map ban? Could you live with the map you hate if you only saw it once a day? If the map ban facility went, would it help with rotation?

Can anybody throw some light onto why we get repeated maps and how hard it would be to bring back all the old maps and rotate them all so they don’t repeat and I mean all the versions of each as well thrown in.

There must be so many maps that you would not see the exact same map twice in a very long time. If people hate so many maps, then should they even be playing this game? I hate WW2 vehicles on modern maps, but I can tolerate it if I only see those maps on occasion, we all have to give a little to make this game work.

Why can’t the game do it? We give up the map ban to help and Gaijin invest in proper rotation.


Why not both?

A decent map rotation would consist of more than just 1 map each day. There are a few maps that i hate no matter what and would likely not play that rotation at all if I had no ban to get rid of it. Though the rotation would make our overly limited number of bans more effective. As if our undesired map was off rotation, then another could be selected in its stead


No, I would not miss it.

Sigh I guess I can live with seeing Campania only once a day

I hope so :)

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I am led to believe (please correct me if I am wrong) That the map ban hampers rotation to a degree. Hence the give and take element.

I have no idea.

I can’t remember the last time I got Red Desert despite me liking it.

I’d also like to see the huge version of Tunisia more often, but I see it maybe once a month if I’m lucky.

Yet I am forced to play COD sized maps every single day, of which the flanking routes and vantage points are gradually chipped away by map borders.


From what I understand Like and Dislike have 0 influence on the MM. They are just a stat for Gaijin. Which is a real shame.

I disliked Campania and now it’s my most often seen map XD

Apparently according to Stona it does affect map selection. But no where the amount the ban function does.

When I was playing I would happily have supported this suggestion. Would be more than happy to give up the opportunity to ban a single map if it meant proper map rotation and not getting Flanders 4 out of every 10 games I played. There are quite a few maps that when I was playing up until recently I hadn’t seen for ages, and yet you get the same ones over and over. I think that what you propose would be a step in the right direction.

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Sweden is my go-to 100% of the time ban. But Id kill for several more bans

I dont believe that. Tunisia and Sands of Sinai are both maps I have liked. They are also the maps I get the least

Lol, I think everyone would. I didn’t think about it but when I bought some of the packs while it was on sale, I got some prem time, so I won’t see Campania for awhile :)

I’d hope not lol.

Yeah. Should have 1 ban no matter what and then like 1 to 2 additional bans if you have premium

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tenor (2)

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Apparently according to Stona the amount of bans available now is enough to severely affect map selection.


Gaijin hate long queue times. Id ban about 50% of the maps if I could :D

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But hey at least the maps you’d see are ones you’d like XD

Assuming as a ballpark that we had 100 different maps then how long would it take to get through all 100 before they rotate?

Could you live with seeing Sweden once or twice in a 12-hour period ?

I understand if every player had the right to a map ban there would an effect on queue times due to matching people and maps and may have an effect on rotation so that is why I am asking, if the map ban went would it enable proper rotation? As jd_hog77 stated it was Stona who said this I think.

Would the player base be directly contributing to making the game better by making a sacrifice. I have premium and I would be willing to do it.