Remove the F-5C's flares or move it to 11.0

Fake plane fake balance fake game fake game mode.

Air RB is bad because Gaijin treats it like World of Tanks and adds paper vehicles.

Why 11.0. F-5E is arleady on 10.7 with better engines and missiles.

Yes remove its flares.

I want historical accuracy too, but gaijin wants money from premium packs

How can anyone actually think the F-5C is needing a br increase because it has flares…and 11.0 rofl you obviously never played F-5E when it was 11.0 and 18 000 + SL repair in old economy…Both are good jets but man they only got 2 missiles and the Skoshi’s 9E’s are honestly dead weight for most part only 10g’s even my Sabres can dodge with no flares yes they dogfight pretty good but lots of other 's at its br range do that better too…crying the Tigers OP is sooooo 3 years ago…

f5c is actually balanced and even more since the addition of all aspect missile in 10.0 f5c never was a problem for me and never will they are easy to evade easy to kill if you don’t dogfight to much

Yes it’s possible to fly any plane badly.

Yes those shouldn’t be at 10.0 but Gaijin wants their premiere game mode to be