Remove swedish leopard 2 premium

Remove the christian 2 from the game, i am tired of fighting 2 separate leopard 2’s, and also sweden already has a 10.0 premium. Remove this fat swedish tank

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Boowomp. It’s literally an ever so slightly worse 2A4 at the same br.


Doesnt it get composites on the side of the turret? I forget

No? It gets less smoke grenades and a useless camouflage net. Its still good, but idk why this guy is complaining

ohh my bad

Remove the equivalent premiums from the russian tech tree.

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Aight so alternatively:

Remove Germany so they can’t sook when a modification of their designs they weren’t involved with gets added to another tech tree.

its slightly worse then the german one? and what country are you playing exactly?

His top 5 in RB.

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oh thats hilarious. absolutely not the best premium lineup there is