Remove spallliners

After one month with the update we can see how unbalanced and rng this mechanic is.
Playing against Sweden and Germany is horrible expirence.
I dont think any tank that got penetrated stays and keep on fighting.
All that spallliner added is unbalance and suffering for those that dont have it.
Top tier was a mess even before now its just unfair

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What they should do instead is ADD spall liners to the vehicles that are missing them.
Such as the Chinese VT-4A1, ZTZ-99A, WZ1001, ZTL-11, ZTZ-96A


And create more inbalance?


How is it imbalance if everyone has it?
They also nerfed the spall liners from dev and they’re also destroyable - one penetration destroys the spall liner permanently without replenishment being possible.


They just want to complain. If you aim good enough, it’s not even an issue.

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Yeah, spall liner do be kinda hitting goofy sometimes, I can still 1shot Abram’s in the lower front, so it’s not horrible.

Not everyone has it, and not every nation have the same amount of vehicles with it.
Look at STRVs 3 vehicles with spall liner, Germany 1, Russia 1 etc.
The fact that it is not that easy to pen them from the front is not enaugh? Now you are not sure if side shot will get them, its like crying that BVM side can eat 600pen apfsds but now more tanks have it.
I’ve seen players showing side just to trade 1 crew member for a kill.
It is a game and we need balance over realism. You dont get to fight when your driver just got hit with 120mm round

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Abrams do not have spall liner

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Well, I still 1 shot leopards on the lower glacis too.

which ones

2A5/6 the occasional 7

A5 and A6 do not have spallliners

they do have them, just not in the hull

And that changes nothing since leo 2A5 and others turret is immune

they have it on the sides of the turret and there it does matter.

Yeah, like it is not hard enaugh to kill them already.
This game just became World of Tanks, where insted of HP you have crewmembers to trade.
If you got hit in the side and penned in right place you should be out of fight

Have you not played the majority of this game?

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From my experience, hit to the side, either under the turret or directly into the turret, in 90% cases results in two crew members dead at minimum and destroyed gun breech or horizontal/vertical drive. Only noticable difference to me is that being shot in the drivers area does not result in total loss of the tank at worst and my crew suddenly turning into communists at best.

Bar that, drivers area on 2A7V lacks spall liner at all and well placed shot will take out THREE out of four crewmembers if shot from front.