Remove spall liners for gameplay purposes?

  • yes
  • no

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While Iā€™m inclined to agree with the idea, I still think you should put some text in this thread and explain what the problem is.

Because having to shoot a tank with spall liner an extra time compared to a tank without one is all the difference between winning or losing the engagement.


Spall has been pretty notorious for being unreliable. And adding these spall liners is just another thing that ruins the flow of the game. Shooting a tank in its side right where the ammo/crew is and not doing any damage at all is incredibly frustrating. It used to be that the one who shot first would win the engagement. Idk personally im surprised that 40% voted no. Does anyone care to argue against the removal of spall liners so i can hear some arguments from the oppositions?


remove it for leopard/strv hull sides will fix the problem

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Problem: your skill issue.