Remove premium decals?

Hello! I just started playing war thunder after being inactive for a year or two. and now all the premium vehicles i purchased with optional decals, have them stuck on the skin. how do i remove them?? i assume this is just a glitch?

Personally, i think having real life military vehicles in the game, with real life markings of known crews is rather disrespectful, and historically bothersome. since having multiple “m46 tiger” tanks, for example. with the exact same custom paint on them in one battle is really immersion breaking. and silly.

i never would have purchased these vehicles if they’d had the decals permanently affixed. as again, i think its very disrespectful to the real life crews of these vehicles, knowing that they don’t receive any of the profit made off these premium vehicles. and i don’t feel comfortable playing these vehicles with these markings, as i am NOT those crews. they lived their battles already.

i also go quite far our of my way to make my personal vehicles as accurate as possible with the markings available, and now these vehicles have the premium decals overlapping them. which looks awful.

please help!!

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Im having trouble understandanding what you want, but if i get it right, you have a problem with the red triangle and the words on the hull being forced there? If that is what you mean then they are a part of the tank and cant be removed in any way. If you mean the UK tank symbol and yellow square you should be able to move them freely, if you are not bug report.

My advice would be not to worry about immersion here. Paint your tank bright pink and get out there!

Actually, The Premium skin cannot be removed. You bought a replica of an actual tank. Same as the Cobra King I own. You can only try to cover it up but that is it.

It’s a Polish Sherman Firefly and is a tribute to the Poles who fought in WW2 for the UK.
Nothing to be upset about.


but it didn’t used to be like this?? it used to give you the choice of having them. now its permanent?? why???

what do you mean they can’t be removed??? they used to be able to be removed??? why is it permanent now?

Well, it is like that for a year at least, why? Because Gaijin wanted to keep those Historical vehicles in the Historical looks they intended them for. If you want a full custom firefly you get the TT one, if you want a historical look you get trzyniec


Well yes, that is it really. The idea of the Premium Firefly is to grind other units up to its BR value and just gain more by using it. If it did not have the Polish markings, then it would just look like any other Firefly. As it is its exclusive and most people bought it for its markings. Two Fireflies in a 4.7 line up? Not bad.

The German Churchill is always Grey as standard and the German 747 T34 always yellow. That is the way it has been for a few years I have been on

.The only thing that did change was that I bought the German Chruchill in the sale at 50% off because I was told that if I bought it, I would get the German White Cross decal as a bonus to use on other tanks and that was no longer true when I bought it,
So that did change apparently some time ago.


so, they’ve removed the option for a player to choose if they want a vehicle to look a specific way AND the decals you get with them?? is this… a good thing?? did players want less customization??? what was the though process behind this? they gave the player the option to make the vehicle look how they wanted for years, and people were complaining about that??? i don’t understand why they would remove features that don’t impact gameplay in the slightest…

now i have hundreds of dollars of premium vehicles i’ll never use again out of respect for the real life veterans who used them. i’m sure i’m not the only one who feels this way in the historic community

Well, you asked the question that is the answer.

You are entitled to pay your respects to veterans as you see fit that is entirely your prerogative.
I don’t see what is respectful about removing what was an obvious and well-meant tribute to Polish crews of WW2.They are simply markers in time like a picture or painting.
I have many criticisms of the War Thunder team but their efforts to commemorate battles and show respect to those who fought them are numerous and there to be seen.

Anybody who plays this game is like a kid playing soldiers and nothing more.


Well, they made the Historical vehicles, and they want to keep them in the Historical looks. If you want a custom one use TT

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thats it, exactly though. we are playing toy soldiers. its a video game, made for fun.

having a situation where you have a real life tank, used by real soldiers who were risking their lives to protect their homes and loved ones. fighting the largest war in human history. and putting them into a game that is made for people to have fun is just… gross. its disrespectful. if the profits made from these vehicles went to a wartime memorial, or to the families of the people who served, then it would be okay. but its not.

at the very least, before, and for the majority of the life of this game, you could choose to repaint the vehicles into a livery of your choosing. with decals of your choice.

i don’t get why this needed change. what is the reason to change it?? before, everyone was happy. YOU can have your historic paint scheme, and i could customize mine to be a generic vehicle of the time period.

for reasons beyond me, now i’m forced to use this vehicle, crewed by these real life people. in a battle where i’m fighting other allied tanks. heck, potentially a situation where i’m engaging a clone vehicle. another person using Trzyniec.

i don’t see how anyone can see this as respectful, and thats ignoring the fact that zero of the profit made from this vehicle goes to the families of the men in the photo. or anyone involved in the war. they didn’t get permission to represent this vehicle in game by anyone. they did it for 100% profit driven reasons. thats not “commemorating battles”

and again, this wouldn’t even be a problem if that’s how it always was. but the fact that this used to not be the case is just… so crazy to me. i can’t understand the rational behind not letting people choose??? when i purchased these vehicles, i had the choice to represent them in the livery given, or choose my own. why change that? i don’t get it

Then why do you play War Thunder of the whole thing is gross and disrespectful?

even if this was the excuse you wanted to use, it dosen’t work. because these vehicles are actually not representative of their historic counterparts. the vast majority of sherman fireflys didn’t have pintle mounded .50cals. especially not ones used by florigen crews.

here is a number of them, none showing the .50.

here is the exact tank in question, also lacking the .50.

here it is in game. with a .50. and you can argue “its for gameplay reasons” but they literally just added the .50 since i stopped playing.

here is a photo of what it looked like when i purchased it. it didn’t have the gun. as the real one didn’t which made it a bit more accurate.

though, the vehicle even then doesn’t represent the real life vehicle at all. as shown, the real life one lacked mud guards, and had the half-painted “faux” short barrel camo. there is also an equipment box on the bustle

so this vehicle does NOT represent the historic tank.

so then, why am i forced to use the decals of it?

again, we used to be able to choose. now we can’t. why???

It’s part of the standard camuflage. If you don’t like it select a different one.

i see more respect of the vics being in game as it represents those who fought for what they believe its like the aircraft some represent the most famous pilots of the age so in what way does it disrespect a person thats like saying band of brothers is disrespectful to the 101st airborne

band of brothers didn’t have a scene where the 101 were shooting at identical, clone versions of other 101 soldiers.

also, band of brothers was made in tandem with vets. featured stories from the real soldiers. and was helped funded by historical preservation societies.

band of brothers also told a more-or-less accurate representation of what the war was like from the perspective of soldiers.

the fact you’d compare that to war thunder, which is a 100% profit driven video game with zero historic or educational value is genuinely kind of sickening??? comparing a genuine attempt to share the stories of warfare to a video game with tanks but no infantry, all using pintle-mounted machineguns operated by invisible bulletproof ghosts. firing tracers during the day that look like laserbeams. like… did you even read what you said???

so u prove a point its a game people buy stuff for how it looks not what it represents

oh!! so its just certain camo schemes??

i change the camo in game and the markings are still there. how do i fix this? i just want it to be how it used to be

please help :( i really love some of these vehicles but i don’t want to use them with these awkward historically inaccurate ones they come with

yes. exactly. you’re 100% correct.

which is why i’m confused and upset. i bought these vehicles because i could make them look how i wanted, and not worry about the awkward historical revisionism.

and now they’ve changed that for some reason??? and nobody has said why.

do you prefer not being able to choose if you want the decals on or not? was this a good decision they made, to you personally?

tbh i don’t think their was a option to remove the decals