Remove "Parts" from the game

Remove the Parts research from the game and give everyone the ability to repair whenever.

Not Having parts in a Maus makes you useless to your team. Not Having parts in a T95 makes you useless to your team.

Not Having parts makes your tank useless unless you can get back to a cap to fully repair. Which on avg takes over 10 minute

It is a useless gameplay “EDITED”. It is utterly unrealistic and only serves to frustrate the players. It has 0 positive gameplay aspects to it


If you have a light tank near you, or a squadmate, you can repair without parts… Otherwise you need to get on the captured point.


If if if if

And good luck getting to an capture point without dying in anything that is not a light tank and coult actually survive a single shot.

It is the absolute exception that a rando will help repair.
It is almost impossible to get to a cap in anything slower than 40km/h

It is a fact that every If disappears once it is removed.

Tell me what positives does this “function” offer?


Like, does no-one actually squad or communicate to the team or something? And why’s that anyone elses issue other than thier own?

Gets tiresome to have these features and abilities ignored, and instead they want features of the game removed to suit their choices…

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help with my FPE means 1 less “live” for me, so should I help ??

All vehicles modules research should be removed, top tier with no parts and heat … maximum hell


your saying remove a aspect of ground cause your not having fun

Yes you should…

Because this is a solo game with an option to team up. over 90% of the players are playing solo. You expecting everyone to constantly “team up” is beyond arrogant.


It is not even a feature mind you. I do not want repairs to be removed.
I want 100% free parts. For all I care they can even redistrubute the RP needed onto other modules to keep the grind the same.
But Parts as a module has no benefit for the game


What aspect am I removing?

The inability to repair your vehicle? A frustrating aspect of the game?


Repairing stays. Just the two class system of “no parts” and “parts” disappears.

It boggels the mind how there are now 2 people in this threat who consider " a singular module to be researched" an entire “Feature”

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Next you’ll be expecting to get fully mission capable tanks! When will the madness stop!

Sure made go on and live in your fantasy world.

As I said .
Parts as a module have 0 positive aspects to the game

Give it to all players and redistribute the RP onto other Modules.

The Module grind is generally positive for the game. Spaded vehicles are somehow “less fun” because nothing happens. Often times Gaijin designs it in a way which makes the dopamin gain from finishing a module research to little for the amount of time it took, but if properly implemented it serves it purpose.

Not if I do it on the regular, even just using my autosquadie, and trying to get the team to actually play the team game.

It’s arrogance on your part to rely on it not being there to facilitate holding your issues dear.

I was sarcastically agreeing with you.
ALL of the “modifications” are unrealistic and dumb and exist purely as a way for Gaijin to goad players into paying to progress by making the game more difficult and irritating. While at the same time making kills easier for players who do so.
Its not just, “parts”, or FPE, its stupid that the game assumes that brand new tank you just got off the train is going to be a worn out, stripped down, pile of junk.

Yea and you have success with it.
I do not. I write in the chat and I ping. I stay with the “auto squad” if possible. and nothing.

There is a less than 5% chance to get repair help or anything else. ANd most others seem to have the same experience. just you seem to be lucky

rely on what being there?

Also answere my question already. I will count you as a trolll if you do not asnwere the simple question I asked twice now

“Useless function”. Ok then, a realistic setting would be a tank unable to move that runs on a manual transmission, oh and you can only see in the commander cupola POV and only drive in the driver view port POV. Another thing return to the hangar doesn’t exist and trying to force the game to close also isn’t possible meaning your computer is stuck there in-game until the match is over while your tank you were driving has to wait for an engineer truck or tank with a powerful engine to tow you away. Where it will take several real-life days or even weeks if delayed for your engine to be replaced after all tickets don’t exist either that’s a useless functionality as well.

good job missing the point on purpose mister troll.

I never called “repairing” useless. I called the “Module” “Parts” useless. And the “inability to repair just because you do not have parts” a useless function.

You are obviously just trolling or otherwise if, what you said is meant seriously.

You speak of “inconveniences” caused by the game which my “demand” somehow would warrant adding. Yet my “demand” exists to remove such a nuisance from the game and make gameplay more enjoyable.

Hence your entire “point” is against what i want by its very nature.

Good job fixating on two words and not bothering to read and understand the rest.

Parts and FPE should always be unlocked when you first research a vehicle. No one should be against a change like this.


I agree, but I singled out parts specifically, as now you actually get a fully useable FPE from the beginning.
So it is only parts which serve 0 purpose outside of making your first games much less fluid and your gameplay experience worse without any reason for it

“It is a useless gameplay funcktion”
There you go, where you said parts are useless. If you’re going to make a suggestion, make a poll, critically think and be reasonable but if your gonna insult everyone and berate them for poking holes then you have issues. Several of us are trying to have a civilized conversation on the fact that removing parts doesn’t help the game. It only makes it worse since you removed the entire point-of-light tank role in the game which is to be supported since they are not brawlers they fulfill auxiliary roles which are scouting, repairing, and even flanking.

here mister “Can not read”

Also for you:

Not inappropriate

The fact that you dismissed my statement before with a big ‘if if if if’ shows you aren’t wanting to have an answer that I’m going to give…

No troll about it.

(Stop false flagging genuine responses…)