Remove overpresser right now

remove thsi overpresseer wene you dont know how to make it remove it it is total borken

overpresseer is way to op i keep getting overpresseered by 5.56 how do i stop this?


I don’t think you know how naval shells work.

No. It’s underperforming slightly, but is fine.

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aint no way you are taking this post seriously

i dont care about naval im talking about ground

i was at home, eating dorito

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okay so you think it is okay that you fire a 50mm HE round on to a tanks track and 1 shot it ofdc really good porgrmaing it is the WORST and useless thing i have ever seen in my life

oh my god im blind im so sorry, i just made an embarrassment of myself

I thought it said Renown not Remove, I’m one of the more naval focused players

im not talking you seriously you dont have the reg int to be taken seriously so beat it

im getting a stroke reading your messages


Your name is about you being upset that Real Shatter increased realistic damage from cannon rounds.
Yet you claim we’re not taking overpressure seriously.


If it’s aluminum/open, that’s a fairly decent explosion, and I’m still gonna doubt that happened to you.
If it did, yeah needs refinement.
It’s still superior to alternatives.

no thats why it needs to be removed it is hard on metal tanks that get killed by all types of HE and heat rounds no matter were they hit

my name is a joke and how can you take it seriously with his spelling?

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you most have the worst humore in the world your name is not a joke it is just lame

jokes dont have to be funny

Lmao. Realshitter removed 90% of damage from all rounds with high amount of explosive filler…
You can’t seriously imply it was realistic in any way.

The latest fix made it better, but it still isn’t realistic.

Um… damage is higher today than ever in the past.
Real Shatter is clearly more potent.

no its not