Remove MI4 from the game

The MI4 should be removed from the game. It is unplayable. Games with this POS are just waste of time, frustrating and making players leave the game. You get wrecked all the time. Typical MI4 game is wasting 3-4 minutes to fly to the battlefield only to not score any single hit, because you get eradicated by everything. Grinding 150k for next normal helicopter is just a stupid.

Long story short: MI4 is harmfull to the game and need to go.


all early helicopters excepting the AH-1G are a waste of time

You can research helicopters using ground XP, there is no requirement to play it.

Ignoring planes skill issue.

You have access to ATGMs at the start.

Enable helicopter research with ground vehicles.

Vehicles are never harmful by their existence unless they are overpowered.

Firstly, learn what “cope” means before you make a fool of yourself :)


Their usage is correct. You need to cope with the vehicle’s existence as there is no justification for it to be removed.

Nope. i am just stating facts. So that guy is simply making a fool of himself.

Anyway, as you said earlier:

How do you enable researching helis with tanks?

I could not for the life of me cry about Mi-4 when it’s one of the better starter helicopters in the game. Blud has not seen the H-34, UH-1B, or god forbid the AB 205 A-1. At least the Mi-4 is a better H-34. UH-1B and AB 205 A-1 don’t even get any guided armament and get like 2 rocket pods. That’s crazy.

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It’s a checkbox in the ground forces tech tree.

Cool, thanks, i see it now. Good to know i can skip this abomination

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