Remove M51

Would you look at that, a bunch of wehraboos whining about non sense. Just like about every post ever made in this forum.

I do take a Tiger E any day over that garbage M51, if the pen alone is what determine the BR of vehicles then a bunch of German tanks could go up by many BR steps. But they wont think like that when looking at their history channel mobiles.


A bunch? Who?

As far as I can see, the OP is the only one who holds this opinion that the M-51 should go to 7.7 or be removed from the game. Everyone of us who have commented, disagree with that take.

Irony of ironies, OP isn’t even a German main.

Soviet main? O net! Moi IS byl unichtozhen etim shermanom pererostcom!

That is the second irony of ironies.

OP plays a mix of Soviet and German in arcade, and a mix of this in realistic:

It can be rather unwise, to rashly judge based on stereotypes… 😉

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He isn’t a wehraboo but close enough, as you can see here. Was a close guess after all.


Depends on what TDs you are referring to, because loads of earlier TDs are casemates, which are played quite differently than “normal” tanks.
I was thinking more about their possible playstyles, where M-51 should be more viable in more playstyles, than let’s say, some casemate TD.

Although I agree with you in some way. M-51’s best bet is to hang back and snipe from hull down positions, just like with many TDs out there.

That’s a brutal spot to curb stomp in lower tiers. I was always happy when seeing Karelia since I know most of times I will end up there unchallenged and practically delete half a dozen of enemies in a minute or so lol.

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What he is, is wrong on the M-51. That’s the long and short of it.

I haven’t used it in a while. For some reason lately I’ve decided to go in the little canyon at the westernmost edge of the map. Fun and improbable stuff often seems to take place there. :D

If I’m focused on winning, I go B, no question.

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6.7 since long time ago.


Do you want to perform unpunished panther rush straight to spawnpoint? Soviet log throwers have too long reload to effectively counter it

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skill issue

I want to love the M-51 but most of the time I find it insufferable to play.
The gun is the only good thing about it, but it’s a toss up on whether you 1HK-3HK a target because the postpen is just unreliable.

It’s funny to watch Wehraboos and Ivanboos seethe and mald when you kill them with it, but getting those kills can be a real trial sometimes. Anyways, it’s just fine where it is at 6.0BR.

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The M51 is what Germans did to Pz II and Pz 38(t)s when they captured lots of Russian field guns, turned them into TDs with big guns.

The M51 is the same. Old chassis, big AT gun.

Playing it as a medium is impossible. The only thing its good at is sniping from hulldown.


its a glass cannon… and the shell is extremely trolly too. It is Fine at 6.0. Yes it has a lot of penetration… but plenty of things at its BR/around its BR do too. Shoot it once and it dies.

Ok move to 6.0 ST tanks, the new Spg LGS, M41, etc etc. Tanks with same gun suffered BR increase and other HEAT tanks are in 6.3 or 6.7 when many cases are even worse than M-51. No this tank need to move 6.7 at the least.

nah, just shoot the M-51, it dies.

or are you saying you … cant handle that?

German M41 is much better than M-51 solely because of it’s much better mobility.

Don’t think that’s needed.
It’s awfully slow and has no armor at the same time. That’s like the worst combination you can have.


No, im saying is undertired and need go up.

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No is not.

OK, so move spg LGS to 6.0 them becuase is slow and dont have armor plus HEAT crap round.

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No… not at all, the M-51 Super Sherman has a 400mm pen laser beam, it will annihilate anything that beam touches, but nothing else. HEAT is dog water. Unless you get a perfect shot you can never one shot someone, it is a Sherman with a railgun, that’s all it is. It’s nothing special. I’ve only been killed by maybe 3 or 4 Super Shermans, purely because they were camping behind bushes the entire game.