Remove M51

Either remove it or move it to 7.7, it has no other place in the game.


Lol, lmao even


It’s so good on it’s place now, love to see how M-51 players stopping the Panthers/KT rush.


It’s… average. 6.0 is fine for it. Provide a reason why it needs to go to 7.7




Better thing, M-51 can frontpen Tiger 2.


Here’s a simple idea. Learn how to fight it and whine less.


It does in fact have a place in-game and that place is at 6.0. The M51 is literally still just a M4 Sherman with a French 105mm gun which is the only outright good thing for it but without a vertical stabilization system which is not stable at all. Its mobility is good enough to get the job done but you won’t beat anyone to a particular spot most likely and the armor can’t be relied on unless your opponent is stupid enough to hit your armor if its angled to a stupid degree.

If you seriously can’t fight one of the few Shermans which has no stabilization system at a br where its armor doesn’t work really and whose mobility is average at best then I don’t know what to tell you but get good, because its not hard to fight. Heck I went into one match yesterday and spawned in the Panther F and got 12 kills before I got killed and 3 of which were M51’s and most were jumbo Shermans, it literally took 2 jumbo Shermans to finally kill me after one managed finally figure out how to pen me and even then I was able to drive away before being chased down, however the only ones I ever had any issue killing was the Jumbos and the M51’s were easy to deal with.


It does have a higher amount of volumetric problem spots than usual, both on the gun mantlet and on the hull. Playing 6.7 very often, I fight this thing quite a lot, and I’ve seen some extremely weird bounces with both the long 88 and the 128mm.

But yes. When the hull works as intended, it’s just plain terrible. Unarmoured but just thick enough to fuze APHE, and slow too.

That said, I do think you’re underselling it a little. My experience fighting the M-51 is one of no half measures, they’re either god tier nuke droppers or free kills you score in a row like in your Panther example. Probably because there’s some extreme difference between people using it with low level crews and not, I’m not sure.

It also depends how many there are in a match. It’s quite funny in a way: 6.7 is probably the only BR where I don’t think “ahh, a full downtier, makes sense to spawn in a heavy for this one!” but rather “oh no, a full downtier with Israel on the enemy team! So much HEAT!” 😁

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Its a sherman chassis with a big gun. Its has a lot of penetration but its got god awful post pen. Its slow, big, and loses its stab.

Its basically just an improved Firefly and not much else


Firefly is much better.


BR for BR yeah definitely

Personally, I would rather having the Firefly at any BR, as the 17 pounder has AP not HEAT, I’m not a fan of HEAT at all

The Tiger 1 can penetrate the M51 from anywhere and any range

  • “Tank tactics - learn how to use them”, me

Since the Tiger H1 went to 5.7 and the Tiger E went to 6.0, it could be moved to 6.3


no need, the M-51 is a glass cannon. It is made to defeat armour. Having little armour and mobility will not be viable in higher BRs. I have a positive K/D with it and I actually enjoe playing it.

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It can even kill Object 279, clearly a broken vehicle bro time to move it to 9.3. /s


Tbh, it can preform in 9.3 if you play really reserve and careful. It is like those ‘any tier’ tank where the gun is too good ie. the 2s3m, 2s1, vidar…etc

Really ?
Although I don’t play BRs where M-51 is prevalent nearly as much as you do, I can’t really recall it to be a volumetric hell of a vehicle like, for example, Panthers.

This replicates my experience facing them, I was like “ooh look, M-51, free kill”.
I never felt violated when enemy team had loads of M-51s, they seem to be extremely easy to deal with, so I have a hard time understanding the grudges OP has with this vehicle, and why in the hell it should go up to 7.7 lmao.

I don’t think M-51 can do much more harm than other 6.0 mediums, unless the enemy team decides to bunch up highly armored vehicles all in one place (where your M-51 is).

In my opinion that’s their biggest redeeming feature, they will make a good laugh out of any piece of armor they can see, so heavy tank enjoyers will be affected the most.
But still, it isn’t small, it isn’t fast so I guess it shouldn’t be as scary as those gremlins that are basically HEAT-slinging gun placed on tracks.

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The 128mm in particular, already prone to bounces like any large calibre in the game, will sometimes do this weird ping-pong between the mantlet and the gun and then disappear, though sometimes the right section of the UFP (from the M-51’s perspective) trips up shots as well.

Still, nothing that doesn’t happen with many many many other tanks in the game.

Lmao is the only appropriate comment to that.

M-51 is as close as you can get to a BR agnostic vehicle. Hull will always suck, gun will always pen. It’s low speed, terrible gun handling, and having to play it with lvl1 crews that determines its BR.

Mediums are imho a bad comparison, because

M-51s have the exact same pros and cons as a tank destroyer. That’s basically what they are. They are laughably easy to kill out in the open, but become incredibly dangerous when they can set up somewhere, pre-zero the gun to a target location, and create kill zones.

The biggest example of this that I’ve seen in the last few months was a group of three M-51s that got to the northern rocks in Karelia (the ones north of A) and started spawncamping. I was at B and it took me a while to get there and intervene, but it was a complete disaster (didn’t help that people kept spawning there, taking the exact same route out of spawn, and died over and over, oblivious to chat).

Another example I remember of an individual M-51 player that did something similar was on Surroundings Of Volokolamsk, he positioned the M-51 hull down behind a snowy crest with just the gun pointing at the southern spawn, at a distance of IIRC 1250m or something like that. Of course people who spawned and headed south, even if they received a near miss, had to think fast to spot it, rangefind/guess distance, and fire. It was a very effective spot.

I was in a completely different spot on the map in a Tiger, died, and spawned in a Waffentraeger, and while I usually pay a lot of attention to the battle log, somehow I had completely missed that this was going on. I paid for that lack of situational awareness when a 105mm HEAT blasted me into the shadow realm mere metres away from spawn.

So naturally I did the next obvious thing, spawned in a Dicker Max, determined distance while I was hull down, peeked, and got him with my own 105mm… fight fire with fire, as they say 😏