REMOVE Gaijin Bots

Does Gaijin play its own game now? Why have players play the game when Gaijin populates it with bots that have 100% AA accuracy and cap points?

This is a sad attempt to keep Naval populated and just makes players want to leave it. AT THE VERY LEAST, the bots should not have 100% accuracy. Fix, remove, or sink your game mode. There’s only 3 choices.


Skill issue


You may have one.

If you can’t farm the bots then it is not @nom1337AD that has the skill issue…


So you like playing with bots…

Why am I even responding to you? You don’t even play Naval! As a matter of fact, I have more games in one ship than both of you combined.

If your whole purpose on this forum is to troll, please take it elsewhere. It’s a sad state when your job is to be the SJW of the War Thunder forums.


The gaijin bots are fine, perhaps they need a path finding update and player avoidance logic but they’re largely fine.

The “player” bots are back in force though, they’re the real problem.


The Gaijin bots are a problem when it comes to air. Air defense is quite easily done by players, IF they care. But bots are 100% AA sharp shooters.


If the G bots have their AA nerfed the next complaints will be about CAS spam.

I hate the G bots unnerving accuracy, especially when swatted at range by a PT boat that doesn’t even have a lead indicator in player mode, but the alternative is far worse - just look at GRB complaints about OP CAS if you want to know what would happen. Be thankful that accuracy does not apply to mains as well.

As far as capping points, isn’t that the whole point of any ship in the game outside of the pure domination battles? Their capping action is brain dead straight lines and more often than not they fail to complete the job making no attempt to stay in the zone.


To spam it, you have to have to score in the first place. That has been made a lot harder.

Also, defending against planes is quite easy as player. You have so much AA ammo, and if you actually pay attention, you can usually shoot down planes. Also, if you set the gunners to air, they will be quite effective too. But that is your job as player.



  1. Player-bots are a problem and have generally been the biggest problem in Naval

  2. AI-bots having instant kill AA is a problem and escaped the ‘just okay’ AI-AA nerf that occurred a month or so back, but gaijin has this opinion that the game needs to be PvP AND PvE at the same time.

  3. Air is generally a joke at higher BRs anyway when it comes to Ships. That being said, the AI shouldn’t be instant-killing people regardless of condition.


If the Naval had more people then there would be fewer bots. However, with the way Naval is done right now, No one wants to do it. The only reason I don’t play Naval is cause I don’t enjoy blue water, we don’t have an idea how far the guns need to be elevated, so you basically gotta guess instead of being able to set each gun to a specific elevation, that and the lack of a fog horn makes it less enjoyable. So I stick with Coastal just cause I don’t need to be serious and dumb.

Asides that lack of players=more bots popping up.

I like making lots of SL by killing bots - you play with whatever you like…

lol - how to tell me you’ve never looked at my player card…

Oh dear - the pur weee thung can’t handle that someone makes money from farming bots and he can’t… didums…

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@NachoFoot 'S PLAYER CARD:


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Don’t play arcade. It’s like someone holding your hand and moving the fork for you while you eat.

I need to clarify that this is about the Realistic mode where bots still have Arcade aiming. Since you don’t play Realistic, you can leave now.

This isn’t true in naval (other modes maybe). More torps, more planes, faster games, just generally more intense. In naval RB is the easy starter mode: they’re reversed. Most people who’ve played this game a while have figured that out.

Anyway WRT OP, fewer Gaijin bots = much longer queue times = much less score/RP/SL per hour. I’d rather get in a game. And their aiming really isn’t that good, other than AA. And you work around that by flying around it, releasing from higher, more realistic distances and increasing your miss chances, etc. I’m glad they try to cap sometimes, because lord knows the human players on my team rarely do.


You are high on copium lmao. You insist on playing mode with the highest amount of bots and then you cope that some of them are beating you up lol.

Reality check for ya: most of the “players” you are killing in RB ain’t exactly players XDD

exactly, but no point explaining to this guy since he is way over delusional about himself.

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Is that all you got to criticize Realistic? This topic is not about the game modes but if you really want to know: You are basically playing Gaijin’s version of WoWS where the ships move like speedboats, the torpedoes fly faster than prop planes, and the majority of kills go to…bombers. Seriously, the bombers reload in mid-air and win with 10+ solo kills. You have a reticle that tells you where to click your mouse that’s even more simple than WoWS. Don’t kid yourself that you’re playing with any strategy either because everyone can see where you are. Should I go on?

There are no bot players at high tier. There are some in both game modes at 4.7.

This is literally true in every game mode. Every Arcade mode has more planes, guns, missiles, bombs, etc and all of it is sped up. It is not exclusive to Naval.


Ground AB is easy mode because you have greatly enhanced targeting assist primarily, and you don’t need to also have planes spaded because they’re given to you.

Air AB is easy mode because of increased maneuverability even on marginal planes and multiple-vehicle lineups (and air reloading).

These are specific mechanics that make the game easier for new people.

In naval, respawning torps put more fish in the water so you have to maneuver much more, and fully use all your systems to succeed, not just guns. In RB above about 3.3 you really don’t need to worry about planes either, and it’s rare there’s ever another plane in the sky if you’re in a plane yourself… in AB to be really good you ALSO need to be good with planes because there’s actual dogfighting as well as AA. And everything in RB just moves slower, which allows you to focus on shooting and less on emergent threats in your peripheral. It also allows you to lead less, improving everyone’s snap shooting.

This is why the scriptbot makers of the last two years have all focussed on botting RB (along with the higher modifiers). That experience proved it’s much easier to develop a script that can play RB naval than AB well. Because bots can’t torp and bots can’t fly in this mode, and in RB they don’t have to.

So yes, RB is the EZmode for naval. Which is fine, play EZ mode, no shame in that. I play both, with RB aiming on when I play AB so I don’t have to change it up as much as I go back and forth. But I don’t believe the AB players I beat are any less skilled than the RB ones.


Well, I’ll disagree with you here. I switched from Arcade to Realistic long ago. Here’s where RB Naval is harder:

  • You don’t get markers for anything except direction of where you are being shot.
  • Enemy lead indicator time differs per ship based upon actual fire control systems. Shell accuracy can go down and lead indicator stops working if your fire control system is damaged.
  • You have to manually adjust shell distance based upon closure rate.
  • There are no reloads except in caps. You adjust your racks to prevent magazine detonations just like RB Ground.
  • Radar is actually useful in Naval RB
  • You have to manage fires, flooding, and repairs. Just activating them all at once does not work.
  • Torpedoes are still really deadly but move at realistic speeds. Ships also move at realistic speeds and it’s not easy to turn to avoid a spread.
  • Sneak attacks with guns and torpedoes are more common in RB since you aren’t constantly spotted.
  • Revenge bombing is still a thing but a HE-111 can no longer wipe out the entire enemy team at 20km above anti-aircraft fire. CCIP for bombers does not work in RB unless the bomber actually had it just like in Air RB.