REMOVE Gaijin Bots


To get the same awareness in RB all you have to do is spam-click the target button around the horizon at all times. Yeah, sometimes you find out what a vehicle is or who’s driving it in AB sooner, but the mechanics are the same, and most of the time I have just as much situational awareness in RB as I do in AB with markers by doing that.

The lead indicator time mechanics in both modes are exactly the same, there’s no difference under the hood. The only difference is the U/I in AB. That’s why you can use RB aiming in AB if you want (and should). AB is actually harder to aim if you keep the default U/I up because you can’t mousewheel adjust as easily. AB with RB aiming doesn’t have that problem, works exactly the same as RB.

There are no differences in magazine det mechanics between the modes either. No one reloads gun ammo in naval so there’s no difference there. And added torpedo reloads make for a more complex, faster game.

There are no actual differences in the underlying radar mechanics between AB and RB either. And in any case it doesn’t really matter because there’s rarely planes to shoot in RB, and those that are there always closing to small arms range to suicide you, as opposed to AB where you need radar and VT to snipe that Pe-8. Radar equipped ships are actually MORE effective than not in AB.

There are no difference in underlying repair mechanics either. Every experienced player in both modes does the same thing, with the same effect. Fires on auto, other two on manual, cancel repairs when you catch fire. Exactly the same advantage to doing it well in both modes.

Sneak attacks are, I would argue, much more common in AB. You lose target markers at close obscuration and you have so much more to deal with with torps and planes as real threats you hit cognitive overload much faster. Plus reloading torps means you can actually take chances with small boats, so at the mid tiers they are also much more dangerous to DDs than they are in RB… more cognitive overload again.

Bombers are only a threat in AB if your team doesn’t know how to use the fighters they should also have in their lineup. As opposed to RB where above 3.3 no plane is a real threat to anyone.

(For the record, bombing in AB is arguably much MORE realistic than RB, where you do actually launch your ordnance from realistic altitudes, as opposed to 5m above the highest antenna.)

I don’t see anything in your list that makes RB in any way remotely harder than AB for an experienced player. Personally I think they should do more to differentiate the modes, like historical matchmaking in RB, but the audience for naval is still so low they’d probably be better off collapsing RB and just running AB random matches and RB ECs instead.


It’s not even the AA guns, I was shot by the main guns of a Gaijin bot Moskva from like 5km away by one of its HE shells. Not HE-VT, HE. Straight up domed me right in the center of my bomber.


I’ve always used the Arcade aiming mechanics while in Arcade and it’s worked out fine. I wish I could use it in Realistic. It looks completely Arcadey. There’s a literal outline of your shells so you can’t miss where they hit.

How have I seen players win at Arcade? As soon as they can get a bomber, they climb until the end of battle then wipe out the enemy team with 30 second reloads. Good luck climbing a prop plane or an early jet up to 20k before the match ends. If you happen to do that, the damage has already been done.

You can’t sneak attack in AB. Not for a minute even in a Coastal Boat. The second you come around that cliff, everyone that can shoot at you will.

Maybe dumbing down the mechanics makes it more Arcadey in every mode and “harder” to play:

  • Arcade Tanks die as soon as they crest the hill and bombers spawn right above them. Every shot is a win when you can shoot it. Harder to play.
  • Arcade Planes can respawn and you’re constantly fighting 2-3 or more. Missiles reload in mid-air. Players respawn and it’s a mad rush to win. Bombers reload so you have to climb and get them or they kill your airfield. Harder to play

Under the terms you set forth as “harder,” every Arcade mode is harder to play than its Realistic counterpart.

Maybe YOU can’t. I’ve been quite successful at it. I even told you how. I’m also really good at shooting down bombers. Tip: they don’t come in at 20 kft. Honestly if you played AB more you’d know starting altitudes (which are also the same by aircraft type in both modes) better.

None of the mechanics you pointed to are “dumbed down.” You thought things like repair were, and you were wrong. So maybe you should reconsider your prejudice here.

As I explained, in ground AB you dispense with two major mechanics entirely that RB depends on: shot placement and grinding planes too. Air AB flight models are very much “dumbed down” from the point of view of energy fighting, so you don’t need to understand many core dogfighting mechanics to do well in that mode. That’s why they are entry level modes, because they are missing subtleties you pick up later as you move up to RB. Naval AB and RB use the exact same mechanics for nearly everything, the only difference is you ALSO need to know planes and torp tactics (two additional mechanics you rarely see in RB) in AB to do well. Going from AB to RB in naval, you are effectively REMOVING mechanics you need to worry about, not adding them. Instead of learning, you are UNlearning.

I’ll go one farther… naval AB is in general terms much more REALISTIC depiction of naval combat than RB too. In addition to the more accurate plane altitudes and surface-to-air problem I mentioned before, having markers makes total sense in a mode where surface search radars existed as early as mid-war. It’s this idea that you wouldn’t know where the enemy is in naval, or what kind of ship it is, is what’s unrealistic. Also, in any real war, planes were a real threat… in part because there were more of them… not just one or two… a mechanic that AB more or less satisfies with in-air reloads to accomplish the same effect as having wingmen, also with bombs of their own diving in after you. And the shotfall indication you mention is a much more accurate in-game indication of what ships’ fire control systems knew even in mid-war compared to what you see displayed in realistic. It’s stylized, but its not inaccurate to what a fully functioning combat info centre on a ship with gun radar would know and be able to adjust from.

Hey, RB has its place too. I go to the one with the easiest daily or the better multiplier depending on what I’m trying to do. When the bots are heavy, RB has been basically the PvE assault mode for naval, and sometimes you just wanna make score with some loud music or a podcast on, and RB’s great for that. But RB players (when there are any) aren’t any better than AB players. Many if not most are arguably worse. And like I pointed out, no one’s ever built a bot script yet that could reliably make sufficient score to be worth it at AB (because torps and small boats and planes), but we’ve had two years of bot scripts wrecking RB as a mode. If I can be replaced by a glorified mouse macro, maybe the amount of skill I’m applying isn’t as high as I think.


I literally said they climb up to 20,000 km. You didn’t read.

And your positive that repair isn’t sped up either? Where’s your source? Everything is sped up in Arcade.

Wrong. Everything is SPED up in Arcade. All these ships literally go significantly faster and turn tighter…or at least they did last time I played and quit Arcade. Torpedoes go faster. That does NOT sound like the same mechanics. You are taking the mechanics of RB and giving them turbo speed. ALL of them.

No, no one wants to fight with reloading planes. It’s not a replacement for waves of planes that would dive bomb a ship. Not even close. Not even close to realistic either.

I think you’re assuming a LOT here. The bot script works on BOTH modes. Can you guess why then that the bots are in RB and not AB? It’s the multiplier. Again, aiming is easier in AB. The scripts could get aiming down in AB by just locking the mouse onto the aiming circle. But they aren’t bothering…because it’s far more profitable to play RB. There’s YouTube videos stating this very fact.

As a matter of fact, they are NOT even aiming at all. The bots sail, switch to secondary guns, and let the game fire the main guns. There is no aiming script. You got this one dead wrong.

Personally I prefer realistic mode…since I just don’t like the sea being spammed with torpedo, and 30s reload aircraft. (Maybe next step is add health bar for vehicles to arcade?)
As a coastal player either mode for me is just about try to kill other coastal vessels as much as I can before being seen by blue water spawned vessel and get hull break. That’s it.

Obviously for me most of the time Gaijin bots are playing the role of my meal first, then they eat me up alive when I spawn in my plane. That’s fair I guess. But overall I prefer to have them here than player bots, cause gaijin bots won’t shoot at you in the same time as if they have Link-16 or something. I assure you this happens pretty often if you entered a game filled up with Kerch bots.


Nah, I just assumed you made a typo. You’re not very precise a lot of the time.

Not repair… not much actually except movement speeds, which are all increased by the exact same speed factor unlike say, WoWS. You can confirm this yourself by looking at your crew skills with your game mode set to either AB or RB. Repair times don’t change when you do this, whereas other skills (like G-tolerance on planes) do vary.

Just movement speeds, all of them (torps, planes and ships) by exactly the same multiplier, which keeps it all consistent. Shells and ballistics are exactly the same between the two modes, just you and your target are moving faster, so it’s a harder shot… reload time is also exactly the same.

Turning time and controls response time for ships is also exactly the same in both modes, you’re wrong there too. The only real mechanical difference is the approximate 1.2x movement speed multiplier common to ground speeds in all AB modes: the speed increases both turn rate and radius just as the physics say it should.

AB is by far the more popular naval mode. So you know “no one” isn’t true, right? And this idea of clinging to rare slant bomb single-plane attacks at suicide heights on surface ships in RB as “realistic” in any sense just seems a little… deluded. No one ever fought like that (not even kamikazes) so how is “realistic” even the word we’re using here? What is the actual difference in terms of ordnance delivered on you between SBDs or TBFs coming at your formation in successive waves and one plane dropping a bomb, circling around, and dropping another bomb? Not much. The point of air vs AA tactics is to overload the defence. Because controlling multiple planes isn’t a thing you can do in WT currently, AB does it by a sequential rather than a concurrent overload, which achieves much the same aim in terms of making the mode into a real combat arms fight. This also makes the ships with more effective AA worth their purchase price in AB, far more than in RB, where in most circumstances advanced AA armament doesn’t matter much.

In a real WW2 battle, when the planes showed up, you had to adjust your plans to deal with them, as in AB… switch to VT, get your own planes overhead, cover each other. In RB right now, because you know it’s only ever gonna be the one guy, if you see them going for any other friendly boat to suicide in to them, you can just go, meh, doesn’t matter. I know why it has to be that way, but it’s not in any way any more “realistic.”

As the guy who literally first reported the botscripts on this forum in late 2021 and has probably written on them and how they work more than anyone else here, sometimes at risk to my account status, I can say bots prefer RB for a few reasons. Multiplier is one. But another is fewer torps and planes and no small boats allowing them to rack up more base score before dying. We know this because even at the height of regular players buying botscripts in mid-2023, and despite everyone wanting to play an easier daily or special or seasonal challenge sometimes, very few were seen in AB matches even then. A lot of us, including the YouTubers you mention, some of whom I’ve collaborated with, were looking at those botter service records pretty closely to see if it ever bled over and it never really did. That’s not just multipliers.

Aiming between AB and RB uses exactly the same underlying mechanics, as has been proven by many people other than me, it’s just the player U/I is more gamey in AB. There would be no advantage to a bot using the AB system since it’s just a human-facing graphical overlay on the exact same mechanics their aimbot is accessing behind the glass. Hint: they don’t need to “lock the mouse” onto anything.

Also the naval botscripts stopped using the secondary gun strategy you mention and switched to actual aimbotting in the botscripts that started being sold in March of 2023 after Gaijin patched out the possibility of the game firing your main armament for you. Their aimpoint was your B turret and your bridge and they could hit that with more accuracy than Gaijin-AI aimed guns ever could. Your info there is waaaay out of date dude. I honestly thought anyone who played any RB at all in the last year would have known this.

I think a lot of people liked RB in 2022-23 because we were getting these crazy good win rates and other stats, not recognizing that the majority of RB “players” at that time were botting and none of those people were “people” at all. But we were all playing a PvE mode against the bot script buyers and didn’t know it. It’s better now, in that the scripters are being more aggressively banned and Gaijin bots have mostly replaced them in the MM, so at least you know who’s a human and who isn’t. But those were fake scores and fake achievements we were all racking up, in some ways. AB, which has its faults too, I am the first to concede (an unchallenged Pe-8 on the other side when you don’t have VT on your ship is a rough go for anyone) has never had that problem.


What? You’re blaming me for a typo that I didn’t make?

How can you say turning time is the same in one sentence and then say turning rate is increased in the very next sentence and question me about being precise?

And WoWS is more popular than Naval Arcade and is more Arcady. Air Arcade was the more popular game mode until jets and probably still is more popular at prop BRs. What is your point? I’m not following your argument. You can see that other players don’t want to fight against bombers that reload in 30 seconds on this thread as well. I think we’ll see the tides start to turn at higher BRs just like in Air.

I took a break for most of 2023 so I don’t recall when the bot change took place. I do recall that the bots do not shoot at me now though. They are now almost all floating targets. If they are using an aiming script, it’s not working worth a damn. You said the RB aiming system also works in AB which would throw out the theory that the scripters are using RB only for the aiming system would it not? Therefore, it has to be for the multiplier which makes sense.

The Gaijin bots are aimbots with near 100% accuracy. Other posters on this thread have stated the same which is also the subject of this thread. Let’s try to stick to it. Reducing them to low accuracy and forbidding them from capping is the only way forward that I see.

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You realize that is already way above low satellite orbit? You are over 5% to the moon.


i could accept them in their new role if they counted towards tasks

Often they do - check whether the task specifies player vehicles or not.

Eg for the tasks to do damage points bot vehicles count - including the warships in convoys but not the freighters. Also for the tasks to kill vehicles with bombers of strike a/c IIRC it does not specify player vehicles so bots count (or not if it does specify player vehicles_)

i dont recall using the word sometimes
i know when they count
the post was about … as the AI gets better there is less and less excuse not to consider them player targets
i am saying for a few reasons … they should be now classed as player targets ALL the time

Fair enough - I disagree tho - they are getting better (eg capping, shooting a bit straighter) but they are still rubbish.

The turning time mechanics and factors for a given ship are exactly the same. All that’s varying is the speed, which affects rate and radius if the mechanics are constant. This is different from for instance Air AB, where there are actual maneuverability and handling bonuses over Air RB. The same ship going at the same speed in AB and RB behaves exactly the same in terms of maneuverability and response time. You said, “All these ships literally go significantly faster and turn tighter” and said it’s “not the same mechanics.” This is incorrect. This isn’t that hard to understand, really.

Also “turn tighter” normally refers to the change in turn radius. Radius increases with speed. Since everything in AB is 1.2x faster, everything on average is turning slightly wider, not tighter. (I know, I know, I’m turnsplaining…)

You said “no one wants to fight with reloading planes”. I pointed out that the majority of current naval players “fight with reloading planes” in AB. Again, this is not hard to understand. I don’t presume to know what everyone else thinks, but I don’t mind it: once you get used to it it’s a counterable mechanic, with some advantages as I outlined above.

I didn’t say there was any difference in the aiming system (since in both modes as far as a botscript is concerned, it’s the same system). You can run a botscript in AB just fine, because all the systems are the same; all those players using botscripts in mid-23 just didn’t. I said bots avoid AB because they can’t torp and they can’t fly, not just the multiplier differential.

They’re good in the AA role (but still counterable). To lessen their AA further would just make them as cheap a kill as AI planes are now in Air AB. Surface to surface their aim is already terrible. They already rarely cap, they’re just sailing around randomly and sometimes capping just because it’s where the open water is. Bot capping is not a real problem that bothers anyone in my experience. Just shoot them.

You previously said that turning time is the same, turning rate is increased, and turning radius is increased in AB. I took exception that turning time would stay the same. I said nothing about turning radius.

Looks like I said “other players” and not “no one.” As for the most popular mode, Arcade in every game is the most popular. WoWS is more arcadey and more popular. Air AB at lower levels is more popular. It doesn’t mean that everyone wants to play it.

If I were to make a bot script, I would want it to make the most RP and SL in the least amount of time. Thus, my first goal would be to maximize the multiplier in RB.

Bots do cap, uncap, and are more accurate that players in the AA role. You cannot counter that in the air. They are less accurate in gunnery. They tend to bring PR.206 and SKR more often than not though which can devastate most players in coastal boats and every plane that comes within range.

You specifically said ships “turn tighter” in AB. I have explained in detail why you’re wrong. If you say “tighter” you are talking about radius. Words have meanings.

Again, there is no difference in the turntime mechanics between the two modes, other than AB ships are moving about 20% faster, which has exactly the impact on their turn that physics says it will.

This u?

This still u?

If your bot can be easily killed by human players before it’s earned enough SL to cover it’s repair cost your bot will fail. Survivability does also matter.

Also AB matches with human players on the other team have a higher score potential, each human adds about three times as much to available score as a script bot or twice as much as a Gaijin bot. Those effects would normally dwarf a 33% multiplier differential in matches of similar size. Yet even at the height of botting taking over RB in '23, the bots didn’t move to AB even though net score on those matches was probably higher… Again because their survivability problems facing actual humans in AB would have cancelled that benefit out.

RB is the simpler mode. That’s why it was the botted one. The bots would have had higher rewards if they could have competed in AB, because there was more score to be had. But they couldn’t compete. This again shows which is the harder mode to bot, and thus the harder mode for humans to play.

I play naval practically every night, AB and RB. I can’t remember the last time a Gaijin bot point capture decided a match. Like literally it has never happened to me. Please send a replay of a match where this happened or I’ll keep calling BS. There are absolutely counter-tactics to Gaijinbot AA, but they require more skill than crash-and-die, which is all most RB players know how to do. And Gaijinbots don’t roll in SKRs. They roll in Yenots. How do you not know this again?


That would be true if all things were constant and only the speed of the ship were different. I tested the Frank Knox in Arcade and Realistic. Both took about 28 seconds to reach full speed. However, full speed was not the same for each version. The Arcade version then must have higher torque. The Arcade version also took less time to complete a 180 degree turn at full speed than the Realistic version at full speed. I even think it turned tighter.

Again, if you want to go play with uber reloading planes, uber torpedoes, and disappearing ships, there’s a game for that. It’s way more popular and way more arcadey. Go play it and knock yourself out. I want to see you try and play with here with battleships when someone can lob with a PE-8 or drop a Fritz every 20-30 seconds. How fun is that?

We’re never going to agree with this so let’s leave it. Again, my point was that time is the most important factor so why play a battle with less rewards? The bots would die faster in Arcade because aiming is much simpler anyways.

I’ve won and lost lots of matches where a Gaijinbot capped or uncapped a point. They also do roll in SKRs and PR. 206s. I’ll call the BS, too. Show me where you dodged their uber-accurate AA in realistic.

Uber accurate? What the heck are you smoking? Their accuracy is not as good as it used to be.

Idk what game your playing but the bot AAA is absolutely laser accurate as it always as been! And they never overheat or run out of ammo, its ridiculous. Add that the fact that they most of the time in AAA heavy ships like PR-206 and SKR-1 as well as various cruisers and destroyers. The PR-206 bot with unlimited ammo and no overheat? It’s ridiculous.

At the very least, make the bots have overheat on there guns just like players. Limit there ammo would be nice to, its so stupid that they are made so OP in AAA.

I thought he was talking about bomber AA at first (where he’d be 100% incorrect), but the Naval AI players are extremely accurate. I don’t know if I have a screenshot of it, but I’ve been domed by a HE shell in a B-24 before - not HE-VT. HE. From 4km away. It was wild.

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