Remove flares from top tier night battles

So, now that night battles are optional, why are we not removing the flares. The night vision on tanks is now useless except for the 3 second slot in-between flares. They just make night battles the same as day battles which is just pointless. We wanted to play night battles for it to feel like night.


I had to read that twice for a second, then I realised you were talking about GRB not ARB :D

Yes I agree completely. In fact, I think they are local anyway and not something the entire match can see. If that is the case, they should just add a setting so you can toggle them off if you want them off

I still think the flares benefit most tanks, so I don’t entirely agree with this. I think they should just remove them because if people want to play night battles, in my opinion, they should be playing in the dark.

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True. As it is optional, you have the choice upfront. Meaning if you have no NVGs then its on you

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I’m hoping they are just a legacy thing that they forgot to remove when they made night battles optional.

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