Remove Flares for Top-Tiers!

I think removing flares for top-tiers would be a good thing for more realism, especially since today, we don’t use flares anymore to find our way around, because we have a thermal that takes care of it for us. For the people who will say NO, because tanks without upgrades won’t be able to do anything against other tanks with thermals, I would say that even with or without flares, you get shot at more than 3 km away by a person who has a thermal (third generation) with laser rangefinder or a person with bushes all over him!

In addition, we should make it possible to choose to exclude the night so that people without upgrades on their tanks can have a chance against other players!

On the other hand, they should not be removed for BRs that do not have a majority of thermals or night vision in their BRs. I’d also like to say that partly personalized, it would allow us to do cool things alone (for our personal delirium).

I think this change would be very much appreciated by the players and especially not at all complicated for Gaijin to do it! So, Gaijin, please do something, apart from making ridiculous YouTube shorts!

Thank you Gajin :)

Now that night battles are opt-in, I think the flares should be removed entirely.

This has already been done


Even better :)

Ok, I didn’t know, nice!

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Yes. You should be able to see anything only with your NVD. It would make the battles unique. Right now the nvd’s are useless, atleast for me, since i see easier without them in night battles.
And night vision is also the theme of the night battles.


Night battles are optional so yes making the maps bright and putting out flares is annoying and ruins the general point of the mode.

I still think a flare every now and then could be interesting just to mess with people but not at the current intervals.