Remove enter key pressing tank to battle

Im literally wasting universal backups, cause trying to open chat while just died and in “lobby”. And instead opening chat game spawns previous tank with universal back up that i just died. No idea if that thing can be key’ed differently. As far as i know there is no way to change key input for “confirm for battle button”. Pressing alt+F4 and not opening war thunder feels more convenient than wasting all those backups for nothing :S

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AKSCHUALLY you can LITSCHERALLY just klick in the Chat window instead.
At least that would AKSCHUALLY be easier than not playing Wauurrrr Thunduuurrrrrrrrr at all

Sure, but if your already writing info about enemy when u just died, when it loads to depoly menu. Rather than sending your text, it presses your tank from battle.

You have to click enter once to open the option to use a backup, a second time to activate the backup, then a third to confirm activation of a backup.

Just click on the god damn chat box.

He’s probably the clicked the “don’t confirm” checkbox type…

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