Remove chat spamming feature please

There’s no point on this feature, if someone wants to spam the N word they will do it regardless if they cant write every 10 seconds, besides the fact it’s so irregular. Chat is necessary for when you’re for example guiding a teammate and you need to go quick with what you say, it’s just annoying having to wait between 9 and 20 seconds to type again.


I don’t think it should be removed, it just should be reduced.


It took a few to ruin it for everyone…

It can be adjusted over time, but right now it is set as is for the best interest of everyone

To be frank, it’s actually impeding me severely as I can actually type fast.

Those who misinterpret my ‘spam’ as ‘spam’ are just really really sore.

I speak this as the target of much hate merely for the fact that I use chat a lot, in match, and in the main chats.


I think it needs some adjustment. I think it needs to allow 2 messages per 10 second interval. The number of times ive sent a message with a typo, and then had to wait 10 seconds to send a correction, is really annoying. Or someone will ask a question in SB ,and I’ll have to spend ages answering it because i have to wait between responses

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A few? “Cough” It all began last year when that thing in eastern Europe kicked off and Gaijin banned the entire community’s chat for 2 months followed by another limited ban, and then they introduced what we currently have.


GMs were getting bombard with tens of thousands of reports about it each day… so, was best to just switch it off and let the heat die down

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Just bump it up to your bosses, don’t speak for them.

You know why? Cause the moderators were very status quo which lead to the revolt and to all this extra work for the development team called the “Roadmap” and her implementation. All of this came along with the lost revenue for Gaijin and poor feedback that suddenly avalanched in. I repeat, the root cause for that were the status quo responses the moderators were giving the players.

I doubt the forum moderators or their managers ever looked at themselves in the mirror and asked: “Hm I wonder if we are actually to share in the blame”. Of course not.

But I tell you, instead of telling us this works as intended, cause that incidentally was a standard response to most trivial requests for the past 10 years, just bump the chat spamming revision request up the chain and let people who’s job it is to actually do their job. Don’t gatekeep cause eventually these things will avalanche up in another community revolt.

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It’s not an issue if you’re perma chat banned.

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I understand why it has to be a general feature in game at present. I don’t understand why it also applies when you’re in squad or squadron chat while in the hangar, making squadron discussions and coordinating your squad to a certain Mode or BR annoying and forces most people onto Discord for coordination chat. That’s on a separate timer: surely that timer could be reduced.

“Cries in sigma chad moai 🗿🗿”

you had chat spamming before war, it didnt let you type every second to avoid doing stuff like




Do you understand?

Yeah, having different spam filters for different chat modes would be good

All: As is
Team: reduced, maybe 2 messages per 10 seconds or 1 per 5 seconds, something like that
Squadron/Squad: Removed

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So 1 message every 5 seconds

I actually take issue with this stance and the ‘choice’ as such to do what was done.

While it would’ve been hard on a moderator to police chat, and handle the reports, it could’ve been done in a much better way than simply turning off chat.

As per Bruce_R1 with the squad/squadron timer shouldn’t be a thing… I can’t even squad and try coordinate with more than one person because I may as well just use PMs for that 1 and avoid the spam timer…

It’s hard to think I can type a sentence out 4 times before I can actually send it…

I don’t know if the revolt led to anything other than angrier players in chat and on the forums to be honest…

It just emboldened a heap of people, united on just one thing, but divided on any of thier other issues.

The revolt lead to repair cost and research time adjustment. All of these contributed to Gaijin’s revenue and these aspects got trimmed. If you can’t see something this trivial, I’ll spare the numerous other aspects how the revolt actually reduced Gaijin’s revenue.

I think the reports and confidence you put into the ‘movement’ to be overweight… So much of the movement were confused and didn’t have a clue on what was going on, people were abusing peopel who were still playing, whilst they were online anyway, and the mere fact that they did make the roadmap, doesn’t mean they’re vulnerable to extortion, which is literally what the method entails…

Whilst it’s very easy to make peopel upset in this game because all you have to even do is try and point out anything that could relate to thier issue, that could be the problem, and they’ll automatically get upset and defiant.

If we throw in mod actions, the ‘servers’, the ‘game’, the ‘other players’ I’m very sure we can assemble a crack team of spammers, whingers and what-abouters… It’s very commonly displayed in the update chat, and the matches even.

Yes, actually this is the worst issue about squad chat.
Ingame squad chat doesn’t have time filter.
Lobby squad chat has time filter and you can not talk to people in your squad freely, like wtf? I am tired of getting to squadron discord just to chat freely with my ingame squadmates.