Remove black soot

I thought it was going to be gone in this update, but it’s still there. The totally unrealistic and ugly candle soot blackening airplanes whenever they catch even a little fire, and also from their own weapons firing! Please remove it from the game. I agree a plane could become a bit blackened after catching fire (and, incidentally, they now catch fire too much) but this would be more like burned paint. Not as if you picked up your toy airplane and put it over a candle for a good while, even turning it around :-(.


I agree that the soot on the weapons is excessive and also it’s guly since it’s just the same skin pasted on the wings. It’s terrible especially on spitfires where you can clearly see the soot skin copy/paste

It can be worked on over time, but you are welcome to make a suggestion on how it could be improved

Just lower the effect. The idea is good and I like it but you have to really reduce the surface of the effect for the weapons soot.
On some planes it looks like the guns are shooting coal.

I think it’s worst in Sim EC, as the soot persists even after reespawning, so after a while you see a lot of aircraft with a ugly black scorch mark over half their surface:

This is a known issue and has been reported and forwarded to devs.

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Yes but i don’t think that the core of the issue will be fixed here. They’ll just remove it when respawning but that’s not what we want.